Monday, 10 March 2008

Nothing to say!

That's right nothing. But it feels strange to not write a journal after so long of doing one, that I shall witter on until inspiration hits me.

Oh.. Lal seems to be a lot better now. He actually managed to eat today without being sick. Which was a blessing really, as the constant whirr of the washing machine was driving me crazy. I tried to sit with him today and teach him the art of puzzles. He has a large number puzzle, each piece has a handle that he likes to suck like a dummy, but today I thought I'd teach him the actual purpose. So.. down we sat. And started. 2 minutes later I was hit in the mouth with number 10. It wouldn't fit in the number 6 hole and frustration levels were at maximum. My fault obviously. We finally finished the puzzle, and Lal applauded himself, gave himself a well done, and turned the TV back on.

Tv off again, and time for Music. Or me shaking the tambourine, singing, playing the marraccas, the clippy thing and Lal looking at me disdainfully. If he is musical like G, his ears were hurting.

What else? Umm.. we played with Emily and Jake, the "babies" I think I read somewhere that Social Services give small children dolls to play with, and study how they treat them for signs of abuse in the child's life. From the force Emily's head was hitting Jake's, we'd have problems with that assessment.

Ah yes, Lal has a new place to eat. Apparently he is suffering from Highchair Phobia. As soon as he gets near it, he starts crying and kicking me. He will eat sitting ON the kitchen table, but not at it. I have allowed it for today, purely as he is still suffering from after illness, but tomorrow I get strict. Really I will.

G has her exams this week, her first ever proper exams. She is not amused as she has been made to do actual revision. I'm not entirely sure why her notes are written perfectly and in fountain pen, when her actual work is a sloppy and illegible mess, but she knows what she's doing. Oh oh.. I got 20/20 for her maths homework. We did it together reallly, but I provided the protractor, from the dreaded maths set, and I helped with the actual answers, so I am proud of myself. LOL

I think that's it. Run out of words. And Lal distracted me by waking up half way through, so if I had any thoughts they are long gone. The reason he woke? He'd go himself sideways in the cot, with his legs hanging out between the slats and couldn't work out what was going on. Strange child.

K x x

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