Friday, 29 February 2008


Baptism day! Not what I was expecting, but a fun day nonetheless. Old history part.. Lal was partially baptised just before he went into hospital with Pyloric Stenosis. Partially in that he had only been blessed with water, and hadn't completed his full baptism... so he was half saved! :)
K and I have been supposed to arrange to finish it for the last year. We failed. We freely admit it, we are procrastinators.. or I am, and he has no choice but to obey. Our Priest, the semi Godfather, got fed up with waiting, and on his scheduled visit today, brought along his oils and anointed the Lal.

I did have 45 minutes notice that it was going to happen, so got my old Baptism dress from the murky depths of my wardrobe. It's a lovely traditional dress, that G wore as well, so there is family history there. Everybody say Ahhhh. But I was supposed to get it altered to fit Lal, and remove the sheer puffiness from the sleeves. The "I'll do it later" monster struck again, and I failed. Again.
So.. at 10am Lal was dressed in his sister's gown, with a white nappy underneath.. matching.. obviously, and was properly and completely baptised. K couldn't be off work, so was saying his responses via speakerphone (very surreal) and I was trying to stop Lal from knocking over the Holy Water.

It all went well. Even if I did have to raid the things I sell for a present for Fr B and some baptism presents for Lal. Not sure if I ever mentioned it, but I sell Catholic items online.. rosaries, crucifixes, bibles, that sort of thing. I now owe myself money. Grr.

When G was baptised, our then Priest didn't allow pictures to be taken in the church, so we had posed shots on a blue chair at home, with her shawl as the backdrop. I thought it would be a nice idea to recreate the scene with Lal..

Sadly, the only way I could get him to sit still, was to have Baby Tv on behind me, hence the rather gormless and vacant look on his face. Otherwise this happened.. Photobucket That's my boy.

And for the rest of today.. well.. He rediscovered the cooking oil, which is still causing our kitchen floor to resemble an ice skating rink. He ate 6 crayons, not all of them, just the tasty part of the tip. He finally learnt how to say "gerga" in relation to G. And put his brand new ELC lion down the toilet. Ah, how happy am I that the toilet escapades are returning. No really. I am.

What else? Not much.. I am planning a huge party to celebrate Lal's induction into Church, and I will actually get round to doing more than plan soon. So far I have discovered the need for a party, which is progress.

And that's it. Unless anyone has any ideas on what I do with the left over Holy Water? It is currently in a nice jug, I can hardly just throw it away..

Ooh.. I wonder if the full and completed baptism will mean that Lal behaves at Mass on Sunday? I am looking forward to that experiment.

K x

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