Wednesday, 23 July 2008

The big meet.. the aftermath

We went, we saw and we conquered! It was a brilliant day.. honestly. We had 10 mums, 10 babies, 6 older siblings, 1 younger and twins still waiting patiently to be born. I had only met one of the people before, so was extremely nervous.

The journey up there was fine, no problems at all. Just an annoying child who kept saying "isn't the speed limit 70, mum?" when I was travelling at a meagre 82mph. Very bad Katie.. but the roads were so clear. Lal didn't sleep until we were 6 minutes away from the place..great. Really, wonderful. Oh, we went to Wonderland in Telford. I live in Essex. 170 miles in the other direction.

So.. pictures first..



Three very strange looking mums..


G and Cole. She fell in love with him, pushed him around for most of the day, and now wants to swap Lal for him...


A fuzzy train journey!


And that seems to be it! I have no pics of Lal. That *could* be because he simply wouldn't stay still all day. Now, I know a lot of you think I exaggerate, for comedic effect, the whirlwind that is Lal. Anyone who met him today, knows I don't.

He refused to sit for his picnic. There was a slope that needed up and downing and a bridge that needed to be trip trapped over. Of course, it didn't matter that there was a tree, or other people in the way.. he could just walk over them *sigh* I lost him as well. I didn't look at him of 8 seconds and he'd gone. Major panic. Turns out he'd located a ball pond and jumpy pit thing and wanted to have a little play. My boy. *sigh again*

It really was great to meet all the people, these babies, I've "known" them since they were born. And now they eat gingerbread men and giggle... We have another meet planned for southerners in a couple of weeks.. and this one will take me 17 minutes to drive to. *That* is more my sort of distance.

The way back, we discovered, thanks to my dad, that there was an "incident" on the M1, so we came back via the A14/M11 (Don't I sound clever? lol) This way put an extra 47 minutes on the homeward journey time. It took us 3 hours and 8 minutes, Not happy. Especially as some evil person has come up with yet another way to catch me speeding. "Average speed cameras" The evil little things take a pic when you go past one and then another when you pass the second, and then calculates your speed through them. I expect a fine will arrive in the post any day.

And finally, the best signpost for freaking you out when driving.

"Welcome to Cambridgeshire. There were 281 casualties on the A14 in 2007. Please keep your distance."

Way to freak me out. I kept at least 1/2 a mile between me and the next car. The car behind me didn't read the signpost. He tailgated. I ranted for a long time.

Lal slept in the car on the way home. For an hour and a half. He went to bed at 10.30 tonight. I am exhausted.

Go to meets... fun days to be had!


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