Sunday, 13 July 2008

Oh knickers.. and bras

K didn't have the children this weekend.. Yay! Here with me.. excellent. Saturday and once again, shopping needed. I tell you, that money tree at the bottom of the garden comes in handy sometimes.

First up.. hair. There is a small possiblity that I have mentioned, once or twice, that I HATE G's hair at the moment. It's long, unkempt and the diagonal fringe is killing me. I just want to cut it whilst she sleeps. Or eats. Or baths. Why can't she just look neat? And not "fashionable?" I took her for a haircur, and whilst there, they cut the sticky out triangle corners from my hair. It looks better, but I won't be happy until I can get a scrunchy in. I like scrunchies. And pony tails. Anyway, this is G's part. Had the hair cut, she complained all the way through, she now has a shoulder length flicky cut, and an actual fringe! Woohoo. It's lovely, she looks like the girl I know again. Beautiful.

Where was Lal through this? Fast asleep in the pushchair. I love that boy!

Home for a quick lunch, and then we walked into town. 3 miles again. I'd say for health reasons, but really we only walk because a) it tires Lal out and b) have you seen the price of petrol? I've gotten very Victor Meldrew in my complaining.

What did we need? Prescription for me (failed, none in stock.. excema cream for goodness sake, how can they run out?) NOTHING for Lal (failed, accidentally bought a book) New hairbrush for me seeing as mine had been toilet posted *sigh* (success.. finally bought something for me) ..... and then the two things for G. A new bra, and some new school shoes.

School shoes you say? I'm sure you mentioned a few weeks ago that you had been out to buy G shoes? How observant, why yes I did. Sadly, biggest brat child cannot walk normally (swish scrape) and has managed to rip the toe of new shoes from the sole. They cannot be fixed. I am not happy. Three weeks a pair of shoes lasts now. Three weeks. I bought her a pair of boys lace ups. Or at least, I got to the checkout with a pair in my hand, whilst she stood bravely next to me, holding back tears and BEGGING for girls shoes. I elicted the PROMISE that she will never swish scrape again, and got some cheapy £20 shoes that had better last until the end of term. Only 7 school days, she should manage it...

Where was Lal through all this? Eating a gingerbread man and shop ceiling light gazing. Love that boy.

And then the bras. Marks and Spencer, the best damn bra shop in the world. Got her measured (I did ask if I could tell you the size, she prefers to keep her privacy - hmm, better hope she hasn't read anything else I've written!) and the nice lady went off to bring a selection back. They were all padded. O..k.. . I'm not so keen on the idea of padded bras on 12 year olds. It's not entirely appropriate. I asked if they had normal bras and was told that they had two plain ones (out of a selection of 30) in the "Young Girls" section or else we'd have to look within the ordinary bra. But that they weren't so pretty. I should maybe have listened to the little warning that went off in my head

**Warning, AF is here.. can cause extreme irritability.. Do not answer back... DO NOT.. Just smile and nod.. **

I didn't listen and asked why a CHILD'S bra had to be "pretty?" The only person going to see it would be G and me, if she ever puts it in the washing.. The answer? "Well, a pretty bra makes you feel sexy" SEXY? She's 12 ffs. (I missed out the expletive, barely mind) What sort of example are they promoting? Another girl attempting to come to her collegues rescue said that "Yes, they should have more appropriate bras in stock, they don't need to have the sexy ones until they are 14 or so." The af warning klaxon was going off, G was crimson, just knowing that I was going to blow... I did. I wrote a letter of complaint. In M&S. I am officially my mother. I don't know how it happened.

Where was Lal during all of this? Oh this time. This time was great. Lal had discovered knickers. Pink knickers, spotty knickers, thongs, granny pants, minis, hip huggers.. all of them. Lal had made an excellent pile of them all over the floor. Lal has decided that his lifes work is going to involve knickers. In all their glory. I'm so proud.

Just one of those days...

K xx

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