Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Fun, you know, quality time

I can barely breathe, I am gently glowing (or sweating like a pig..) my arms hurt, my feet hurt and I have tested my pelvic floor and been found ever so slightly wanting. That's right. I played garden tennis with G. For 11 minutes. 11 excruciating minutes. The high point was when I missed the ball entirely with the racquet and stopped it with my face.. the low was when G failed to slice correctly and hit herself in the ear.

I have been thinking that we don't have much fun as a mum and daughter, like we used to pre Lal. Sarcasm and embarrassing her are fun, but it's not especially active. Hence the tennis racquets. We lost the balls long ago, so had to make do with ball pit plastic thingies. It's not at all the same. And Lal's tunnel for a net isn't quite good enough (oh, if she mentions it.. as my shot landed ON the tunnel net it WAS my point.. ) We may do stuff like this again. One day. When my limited lung capacity has had a chance to replenish.

But other than that.. normal day. I left Lal with G for 5 minutes this afternoon whilst I drove (sorry carbon footprint) to the shop. On the way back I realised I was singing loudly to "I like to eat apples and bananas.. I like to oat opples and bononos" fab song, but not what you want playing loudly in the car when your are baby less. I got looks.

Lal learned that mummy gets REALLY upset and angry when you don't want a nap, and then decide that you do, but don't tell mummy that you have decided the best place for said nap is IN the tumble dryer. INSIDE the tumble dryer. I was 10 seconds from calling the police (and Hushy) when I found him. And you try getting a sleeping baby out of the dryer... *sigh* (I really do sigh a lot don't I?)

The cat learned that I'm not exaggerating when I say I hate her. Outside our bedroom window, we have a flat roof.. from the bay window of the sitting room. It's a sun trap. Poppy loves it out there. Poppy can never remember that she can't get back in from out there. There I was, hot day, so many people walking by, shouting "Cmon Pop.. Pop pop.. come in puss cat. Oh for God's sake cat.. you've got a couple of lives let.. just jump. It won't kill you .. I don't think." Nope, nothing doing. I got the broom and attempted to create a ladder type thing for her to climb up. Nope. Tried to knock her off the roof with the broom.. she just moved to the other side. All the while doing that plaintive miaow they recorded especially for the RSPCA adverts. I lost the broom. I shut the window. Could still hear her calling. Ran downstairs, got cat food and wafted it in front of her nose... never allowing hr to taste.. and then put it on the windowsill. Nope. Shut window again. Opened.. Called once more. NOTHING! It was hot and humid here today. I was getting slightly over heated. Finally gave in. Went to the garage, got the ladder, climbed up - through the evil bush that can't be cut back because it attacks - and no sodding cat. Whilst I was in the garage, a road sweeper went past. The noise frightened her. She avoided the broom and jumped back in.

I hate cats.

K xx

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