Wednesday, 23 July 2008

The big meet.. step one

Huge enormous birthboard meet today.

At a Wonderland. There is not only going to be a picnic and people I've never met before, but we have to take bears for the picnic. The stress that is going into choosing an appropriate bear... wonderful. He can't take Peter Rabbit because, well Peter Rabbit isn't a bear. Big Foot Bear is a bear, but he has big feet and sort of frightens Lal when you catch him unawares.. ooh, maybe he would be good for a picnic. Bedtime bear.. but it would be a disaster if he got lost. See? Stress.

I have packed enough food to feed everyone there, just in case the world's food supply disappears in the three hours it's going to take me to get there.

I have cleaned out the car, just in case I get to the car park at the same time as someone else.. and they see the mess. What sort of impression is that?

At 1am, I was cleaning the pushchair. Same reason *sigh*

I think there are about 20 mums going, babies to obviously. That should please Lynda, who loves the idea of people actually meeting! I will post pics later, and an account of the day.

Ok, I need to recheck my list, ensure there is nothing vital I have failed to pack.. get dressed, get Lal up, make G get dressed and stop watching tv (and NOT argue about what is and isn't appropriate attire) feed Lal, dress Lal, put the fridge food in the cool bag... many, many things.

See you after the A12, M25, M6, M42 and M54... and back again.

Wish me luck.. you know what happened last time..

K xx

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