Thursday, 10 July 2008

I was only looking..

I woke up this morning to wet baby. *sigh* It's my fault entirely. Since Saturday, I haven't been putting him in cloth nappies. He's been in those nature baby nappies from Boots. I like to think it's because he has had a bad tummy, and the thought of having to hosepipe clean another nappy was killing me, but I think I just got lazyand bored. I know! Me? How could I get bored of cloth when I love them so much?

Last night, at Tesco (awful - he screamed the whole way round) I looked longingly at the Huggies and was really debating whether to buy some. They were on special offer. 16 whole nappies free. I so nearly got them. I didn't, but the thought was there. This morning? Wet baby. Had removed his pj bottoms and really nicely picked a hole in the nappy. They don't spead nicely. There were nappy insides everywhere. Not to mention what had been put in the nappy overnight.

**I was only looking. He's back in cloth. I didn't mean to forsake the Bum Genius. I didn't. No Huggies, I promise**

So, yes, the day started well. Morning, early afternoon, fine. Cleaned. Fun times. (For me it actually is fun times..) At 2, I realised he hadn't had a nap. Balls. Never mind, Grampy is coming later, can take him to the park, with any luck I'll have a VERY sleepy baby at 6.30. Grampy came, took him to the park. Very sleepy baby at 5.24. I was briefly chatting on msn, turned around to check the sitting child, and discovered this:


Umm, no.. not now. Please. Not now. If he sleeps now I'll ever get him to bed tonight. oh my God. Oh my God. Somebody please.. wake him up. Ah, bless him, so tired. Left msn chat and went to make his dinner. He slept for 17 minutes. 17. I made G go in and make noise around him to wake him. It took 19 rounds of:

Bob the Lally, Can he fix it?

Bob the Lally, Yes he can..

Snoop, Dog and Doggy and Georgie too..

Working together to get the job done..

I don't know the real words. I am impressed we managed to get an American rapper into the tune though.

He ate, he cried, he bathed, he drank his bottle of milk. That 17 minutes sleep didn't help. It's 8.36 and he's still singing in his cot. *sigh*

Oh oh oh. You know I'm broke? Someone on the birth board (bad, bad people) said that Tesco is having a 50% off sale on garden toys! I bought a log cabin! Or an El Rancho cabin. I have to put it up. Alone. Looking forward to that sooo much.

And that's it.. just some pictures to share... I've been going though the camera.. this is what G likes to waste my batteries on:

Just what every album needs.. a fuzzy peach..


An even fuzzier drunken tv..


Our lopsided kitchen.. maybe she was documenting a subsidence problem?


An eaten toothbrush. Obviously. (Yes, Lal did eat the end off it..)


K xx

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