Monday, 14 July 2008

Bullies and tantrums

We've had a bit of a bullying issue with G recently. Actually, I must remember to refer to us as "I" now.. I've had a bullying issue with G. But then, that's not entirely correct either.. G has been bullied. There, the statement in four easy to follow words, and not the blathering mess I originally came up with.

The short story is that she had a friend and the boyfriend (remember the first date?) The friend decided that she wanted G's boyfriend and told him lies about G. They broke up (I didn't dance for joy at all...I didn't get fed up with the end of the world scenario that followed *sigh*) Poor G decided to "break up" with the friend as well, this did not go down well! 3 months later and the friend is still being horrible and has now reverted to a campaign of abuse, threatened physical violence and getting her older friends to threaten and intimidate. On Friday night, G got an email. It was pure filth. The language I wouldn't even use. Absolutely appalling. As was the fact that the child couldn't spell. Two things to offend my sensibilities! The gist was that G was a f*kin c*nt (and I HATE that word... horrible, horrible and awful) and that if she turned up to school today she'd have the "sh*t kikd out ov her"... Sadly, the "child" is slightly stupid and sent it from her NAMED email address. With her both her first name and surname. If you're going to bully, at least try and be slightly clever about it so you don't get caught..

Again, with the loss of words to explain my anger. Or sheer disbelief that this vitriol had come from a 12 year old. Anyway, I wrote to the school saying that I classed this as threatening behaviour, and if the school couldn't do anything, I'd contact the police. Maybe a slight over reaction, but I've been conditioned by all the knife crime stories I've been seeing on the news. And it scares me. The school rang, are taking it very seriously. They have started the steps to suspend the girl, and have passed my letter and email to the police. I'm amazed.. but so relieved. And happy that there is only a week left of school, hopefully the whole thing will have blown over by the time they go back in September.

It's one of those things that they just don't tell you how to handle when you become a parent. I can protect them both when I'm with them, but when they are away from me, especially G at the age she is, how can I be there? Unless I kit myself out in the latest spy gear and stalk her James Bond style. Actually, that sounds like fun..

Sorry for the seriousness, it's been on my mind and well, not much else happened today.

OH! Yes it did... somehow Lal has learnt to count three numbers. Not bad, but not special for an 18 month old, I know that. But being my child, he can't count 1 2 3, no no no. He counts 10, 9, 8. He's either going to grow up and have his finger on the trigger that will start the nuclear war or will be the announcer who starts the shuttle launches, maybe even the man on BBC who counts down the New Year. I suspect its far more likely to be the first one though *sigh*

I've decided to start grading his tantrums. They are entirely pathetic at the moment, a quick cry.. then stare to see if I'm watching, a fake cough so I'll think he's choking and then a leg thrash. His maximum score today was 4/10, I've told him to aim for better tomorrow. I'm pretty sure he could add a head bashing routine for more points. The major tantrum today started why? Because last night, in my extreme late to bed ness, I forgot to put the chalks back in the box and left them all over the easel shelf. He couldn't be anyone elses child could he?

K xx

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