Sunday, 13 July 2008

Not much to report

I talk a lot. About not much. And not much happened today, so I'm pretty sure I'll find many things to say.

What happened today:

  1. Lal discovered that his new favourite toy is a Tampax. He carries it everywhere and is currently sleeping with it.

  2. I carefully removed the roasting tray from the oven and put it down. Spoke to G and then decided to move the tray. I am now missing left handed finger prints.

  3. We went to ASDA. Lal ran riot. I forgot everything I went to get.

  4. G took Lal to the park to give me a minute to tidy up. She was gone 11 minutes.

  5. K came round to look after the children for an hour whilst I took my brother a birthday present round.

  6. I had "Father and Son" by Cat Stevens on the cd player. On repeat. The journey takes 35 minutes. I sang very loudly. Even managed to have the volume on 14, usual setting of 6. Just cos I care for his ear drums.

  7. It's 9.06 and I have had two glasses of wine and have lost the ability to feel my cheeks.

  8. I don't think is going to be my finest journal entry.

  9. I left the cooked roasted chicken unattended whilst I put Lal in bed. The cat doesn't need feeding tonight..

  10. I tried to talk to Hushy on MSN. She ignored me. It caused a mini breakdown. Ooh.. in cas anyone wondered what Hushy and I talk about... here.. enjoy! (Purely because drunken numb cheeks -not numbchucks- are spreading... )

(R) Hushy (R) sent 13/07/2008 20:48:
are you about?

Katie says:
I am a frog

Katie says:
Do you like it?

Katie says:
Oh, that's nice.. ping and run.. piffle

Katie says:
Hushy says: Did you have a nice day, Katie?
Katie says:
Why yes, thank you, I did.

Did you have a nice day Hushy?
Katie says:
Hushy says: I don't know, I'm refusing to answer you.
Katie says:
Oh, why is that then? You pinged me after all.

Katie says:
Hushy says: Who knows? Maybe I have accidentally been eaten by the rats.. Millie was feeding them my hands earlier.. That's is, I've lost the ability to type, so I'm away crying..
Katie says:
Oh no, you poor thing. I can't believe a rat would do that.. but honestly.. you pinging and running has really upset me..

Katie says:
Hushy says: Oh, I'm so sorry. I'll go into the kitchen and do 5000 push ups as a penance...
Katie says:
That's nice of you, I'll just wait here for you to come back then...

Katie taps fingers impatiently
Katie sniffs under arms to see if she smells
Katie cries long and loudly
Katie begs for an answer
Katie starts picking ear wax out of sheer boredom
Katie considers ringing to see if Hushy has been kidnapped by aliens
Katie has paid the alien ransom demand and is awaiting the return of the Hush
Katie thinks that Hushy is an appropriate name for someone who is being VERY QUIET
Katie is now convinced that Hushy is reading this, laughing and enjoying the breakdown
Katie can no longer cope
Katie can no longer smoke which is surely far worse than not coping
Katie is going to do the washing up and that is all Hushy's fault

(R) Hushy (R) says:
(R) Hushy (R) says:
sorry Moo woke up just after I Im'd you!
Katie is no longer here .. the breakdown has happened...

You see the sympathy I got after the meltdown? NONE. Just a muttered "baby awake" Nothing else. For your own sanity.. if a Hushy attempts to add you on MSN, run away quickly...

K xx

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