Friday, 18 July 2008

I can do flatpack..

I've been rubbish for a couple of days, apologies. Have not been sleeping well recently, I could blame it on the real life goings on, but it's more that I have completely got addicted to games on fb and sit here until 3am playing! Last night, my body decided it had had enough and made me sleep on the sofa from 8-12 crawl to pc and turn it off at midnight, and then straight to bed where I slept until 8 this morning. Yes, I did miss poor little G getting up, dressed, breakfasted and leave for school. And she'd even made me tea. I'll never say anything horrible about her again...

Yesterday, I cleaned some of the house, specifically the bathroom, and whilst behind the sink, I discovered a leak. An actual leak, with drips and everything. Immediately panicked and rang British Gas (Home care agreement again) and informed them that the bathroom was about to enter the kitchen and to please come and prevent it. They did. 45 minutes later in fact. Except there wasn't a leak. I'd not turned the tap off properly. And had caused a puddle to form and drip. Not entirely stupid... the washer had sort of come away from under the tap.. but still.. made me very glad that K has left, he'd never let me forget that one!

Lal's new log cabin El Rancho house thingy arrived today. AND I managed to put it up.. with NO fuss at all. I don't count the 5 minutes where I was boxed in a corner and had to slow motion hurdle out. Apart from that it was fine. He loves it! Not too keen on actually being in there, but walking in and out the door is a real hit. It could become his new home.


Was just about to sit down to make tea tonight (notice.. sit down to make it? There may have been dialling involved.. and a chinese delivery) when someone knocked on the door. Our street seems to be a magnet from charity collectors. And not the nice ones (like me!) who put little envelopes through. No. This is the new generation of charity collectors, who come armed with their direct debit mandates and an hour long spiel. Now, if you come to my door, want to sell me something and are not an Jehovah's Witness, there is a every chance you'll be invited in and a cup of tea offered. I think I may be on a list. You know..."Number 97, she's stupid enough to not be able to say no.. " Oh, unless you're collecting for animals. Now, don't get me wrong, I love animals, and hate the idea of them being abused. I just prefer to save my money for actual people. So far, I have the Fireman (charity.. not just firemen here) Save the Children, Christian Aid.. etc etc etc. Most of them give me nice little fridge magnets. So anyway, before I waffle myself to sleep, tonight's man was from Practical Aid/Solutions.. something like that. He showed me nice pictures of people making food in Darfur, out of cow dung and mud cookers. Seriously. And they just wanted to get the word to as many refugees as possible as to how to make it. OH.. and there were pictures of floating gardens for people in Bangladesh.. they can grow their own crops and things.. again, out of cow dung. And then something about cows, methane and outdoor toilets and electricity. But I couldn't quite understand that bit, so I tuned out and sang along to baby tv in my head.

After 40 minutes the man was beginning to run out of energy, and spiel, so I took pity on him and signed the direct debit form. I have no idea how much I did, or why. I simply cannot say no to charity collectors. And they know it. It's why I'm on the list.

But, I can cancel direct debits. Over the internet. Much more impersonal. Until they send someone round to ask why.

Have a nice weekend! I will.. K has he children!

K x xx

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