Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Be the best

Not very interesting tonight I'm afraid. I haven't done much today except play Word Challenge on Facebook. I've played so much that even when I'm doing normal things like watering the garden or cooking tea, my mind sees letters and tries to make 6 letter words out of them. It's an addiction. Seriously. A bad one. I even posted a "nur nur I'm the best" message on my bb, hoping to get other people involved. Slight error in judgement as someone is now beating me by 5000 points. I'm considering removing her as a friend so I'm on top again. I can't rest until I'm Number 1. Played until 3.30 Tuesday morning and 2.30 this morning... I'll get back there..

Remember when Lal had his toilet obession? It made a reappearance today. I was just about to empty a nappy when I noticed a spider trying to make its way out... being the St Francis like creature that I am, I decided it was dirty, and gave the toilet a flush.. noticing just as the water started draining away that there was a half empty toilet roll in it. Nooooooooo. 2 minutes later and there was I, attempting to fish gone-round-the-U bend toilet roll out. Ooh, a "top tip" - Marigolds are useless protection against wet arm when trying to fish a toilet roll out of a U bend. They just fill up so your arms soaks in toilet water. And not the good toilet water. I may never feel clean again.

G had yet another sports day today. This time it was the Inter Schools one. Now, her school may be filled with super intelligent people, and they may all pray regularly, go to Mass, be good catholics.. but they sure as heck can't run. They came last. Out of 11 schools. Sadly, G came 6th in Shot and last in Hurdles. She tried hard, bless her, but having only done hurdles for the first time yesterday, her loss was at an impressive margin. At least she didn't fall over. She is now sporting the latest sunburn look. Arms, chest and legs. Lobster like. All my fault for putting the suncream in her bag and trusting that she'd put it on.

Oh, and I made my first executive decision today. The almost teen rudeness and laziness is driving me to distraction. G is being forced into the Cadets. She'll learn discipline the hard way. I'm hoping it will be a bit like National Service and she'll have to start her weekend with 1000 push ups. I think I'm going to be disappointed and she'll be doing abseiling or something fun. Pfft. She starts in September. So far, I've pushed the fun part and glossed over the discipline and attention to detail.. I'll save that for when I'm really annoyed at her.

Oh and I discovered the culprit who keeps putting shingle in the washing bucket.. Alexander le Rat. He makes many trips a day and then looks innocent when caught. I was impressed that when I did catch him, he told himself off. Looked at his hands, put them behind his back and said "No no no no NO!" Dammit.. I was going to add a youtube video, but I forgot to upload it. And I used firefox where I can't copy and paste.

What was I saying about someone needing to learn more attention to detail?

K x x

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