Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Yesterday ( I know.. I'm late.. but in my defense, I was busy on umm MSN.) Anyway, yesterday wasn't too bad of a day. Or at least it started off not too badly. I once again failed to get dressed before 12.30, but I did manage to wash some nappies. Or the machine did, whilst I watched.

Lal discovered that his box of straws spread far and wide when there is wind outside. And that there are many places to post them... drains, through next door's fence, in my washing bucket.. everywhere basically. It took hours picking them all up. I think it's time he learnt the Art of Tidying..

Ah yes.. my mini show off... here are the pics of G's wall mural. I've definitely decided to get her some paint. Whilst watering one of the pots last night, I killed half the flower.. it didn't occur to me that chalk would wash off.. hmm. That's where he was playing, it's his new spot.. right outside the door.. so he is in the garden, but not.



A couple of months ago.. I bought him a swing (not because I'm easily led and Hushy had one and it looked cute.. honestly) I thought he's enjoy it. I was wrong. I think he thinks it's an instrument of medieval torture and will not entertain the idea of being in there. I came up with the bright idea of making him push Tinky Winky.. Tinky's isn't scared.. there's no need for you to be. He didn't mind that. But now, poor old Tinky has been abandoned. He can never look at him the same way.. a bond has been broken. I'm not allowed to bring Tinky Winky into the house ever again. The terror of swinging bear was too much.. scarred him for life again..


So there was that.. my daily child torture.. I then decided to try and tame the suckers that are in our garden. (Suckers are the lethal stems of roses that haven't been pruned properly.. they grow wild, thick, and vicious. They didn't like being cut down and fought back. At one point, I was so entangled, I fell off the chair I was standing on (tried for 30 mins to open the ladder.. couldn't do it) and landed in another bush. I am cut to ribbons, my poor arms.. and the damn stems are still swaying proudly in the wind.They taunt me.. and I daren't try to get them again.. here.. all the tall bits above the flowers.. taunting I tell you..


Today we have G's sports day, which is a special kind of hell. It was lovely in Primary School, watching your baby forget to run, stop and wave, walk backwards over the line.. whilst you try not to deafen everyone else with your motivational speak. An egg and spoon race won at age 6 can define your child's whole future you know.. But at Secondary School, there is a great big track.. if you're lucky you may catch a glimpse of your terrible teen as the whiz round, but it's more likely that you won't be able to see anything from the spectator seats and you find yourself cheering the wrong child on. Today I have been given two VERY important tasks. G is counting on me.

  1. Do NOT, under any circumstances say "Go Georgia.. Go Georgia.." "Run Pa, RUN.." "C'mon baby.. you can do it..." "Yay Jogs.. c'monnnnnnn"

  2. Do NOT allow Lal to try and take part. He is to be kept away from the track at all times. I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to manage that.. but I'll give it a go.

And finally.. a disaster.. Lal is out of yogurt. He always has some yogurt for breakfast. I have let him down.. and he isn't talking to me. Trying to fool him by using a fruit pot in his cereal was a criminal offence.. I need to be punished... It's going to be a long day..

K x x

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