Friday, 6 June 2008

A car.. a bus.. a carrot puff

I decided a few weeks ago that I needed to exercise. Running after Lal around the house wasn't good enough and he needed daily walks to ensure that he would sleep through at night was stimulated enough.

So every day we walk. Usually just up to our local shops, sometimes over the park, to the chemist - a good 30 min walk there - or to town which is 2.6 miles each way. I used my fancy pedometer that I got free with Special K cereal to check he exact distance.. it felt long, I just wasn't sure if my smoke ridden lungs were lying to me.. Still have the unopened box of cereal and have used the pedometer that one time. I see a bargain... Wink

But anyway, today we walked to the chemist. We set off with Lal in the pushchair, me in my shades (oh what a sight) and a Polly the Pig book draped artfully on his lap. I got as far as the 6th house when Lal decided he wanted out.. not one to argue with him, especially when he needs tiring out, I obliged. He started walking nicely on the path, holding my hand and singing. Very sweet. Suddenly, my hand became toxic and was thrust away from him and off he ran. Not further ahead on the path.. but up someone's driveway. I should maybe explain that Lal is obessed with cars, vans, taxis.. all forms of transport. He HAS to touch them. So our walks consist of me waiting on the pavement whilst he goes up and down every single driveway to touch the Make badge, Audi, Renault etc and trace the letters on the number plate. At every house. We live on a little estate..there are very many cars. If there isn't one on the drive, he wil continue until he reaches their garage and bang on it. He knows where the car is hidden...

Oh and throughout this, if a car/bus/van/lorry etc etc drives past, we have to stop and watch it from first appearance until it has disappeared from view, whilst loudly exclaiming " a bus, a car, a taxi, a lorry, a van, a motorcycle, a minibus taxi type thing" (He has a little trouble saying the last one.. Today I decided to take our walk just as the schools were letting out. It took an hour and a half to do a 15 minute walk. I was tired out.. he was fine!

What else? There is something contained in either my or K's DNA that is having an odd effect on the children. They have to hoard food in odd places. Not to eat when they first take it, but to savour and maybe go back to 24 hours later. Whilst cleaning earlier I discovered

  • a half eaten brownie on the toilet roll holder -G

  • 6 half drunk glasses of water behind a globe -G

  • Box of raisins in the video hole in the TV (and the letters b, r, and z) - Lal

I must admit I got distracted and failed to remove the carrot puff from the cat flap. I remembered as soon as I saw him eating it about 4 hours later...

Ok.. that's it from me... Thanks for all the lovely comments for yesterday's journal. Made me feel all warm and cuddly.. it's nice to be missed! Laughing

K x x

(Oh...and, as ever, I shall remain a Big Brother Free Zone.. Tongue outYell)

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