Thursday, 12 June 2008

Things I say..

If nothing much interesting has happened during the day, I often look to the helpful suggestions from BC when pondering what to write. I think they've forgotten about it though... and I have no more favourite pictures to show. Without using ones of me, which would obviously break BC once and for all. I honestly cannot get a good picture of me. The camera is trying to tell me something, I can only function by thinking that I'm just not photogenic.. if I look like that in real life... well.. I have problems! Wink

So tonight.. well.. I think I'll talk about the things I say on a daily basis. There are phrases that I come out with that I say so often, sometimes I think I'll explode if I have to say them one more time..
  • No.. don't hit the cat

  • Please don't empty the pan cupboard

  • Untuck your skirt

  • Rubbish in the bin please

  • *To crying Lal* Well I said the puzzles pieces wouldn't go in the video hole in the tv.

  • Ow. Hitting mummy isn't nice.

  • Especially not with a wooden mallet

  • What is it?

  • What on earth?

  • Balls

  • Oh for goodness sake (no more swearing for me..Sealed)

  • I know you've got your shoes. As soon as I'm off the toilet we'll go for a walk.

  • Ooh look. a car/a bus/a tree/ a dog/ a duck/ a drain.

  • Don't touch that car.

  • No, we don't walk in the road

  • Please don't post yourself/your toast/your clothes/my clean washing out the cat flap

  • Turn that computer off now.

  • I said now

  • No, not in 5 minutes, NOW

  • Look.. you've had your nappy changed 18000 times.. why can't you learn to lie still?

  • I've just put a clean nappy on you.. why poo now?

  • You don't eat sweets, stop trying to steal the Jelly Tots

  • Lal, what ARE you doing?

  • Please don't climb the bookcase

  • Please don't eat the cat food.. it's yucky

  • NO... not in the toilet

  • Alexander James.. where are you now?

  • Don't eat daddy's shoes

  • They'll be home in a minute

  • What's wrong?

  • Where did you bump?

  • *sung* Old King Cole/Old Macdonald/1 2 3 4 5 fishy/ 5 Little ducks/ ABC/ 47000 other songs

  • Don't throw your lunch at the cat

  • That isn't a nice word.. don't say that

  • Say mummy.. please.. say mummy.. just once

  • Fine. Daddy. We all know you can say daddy.

  • Various animal noises.. Moooo.. Baaa.. Quack

  • Do you know where your head is?

  • No that's mummy's head

  • Not the mallet.. please

  • Pfft

  • LOL (sadly sometimes I forget to laugh and say LOL instead)

  • Did you do your homework?

  • Tuck your shirt in

  • No dinner isn't ready yet.

  • Deal with YOUR children

  • Please be tired. Please be tired. Please be tired!

  • Not tonight dear.. I have a headache.

If I could train a robot to say these things.. I could run away to a nice desert Island and spent eternity there with Jack.. we'll be "Lost" together...

K x x

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