Monday, 23 June 2008


I was going to talk about neighbours tonight. But Hushy beat me to it. We have this msn thing, we'll each come out with the same completely random comments at the exact same time.. or rather she types faster than me and says it first whilst I'm still stuck on the first three words. Tonight, however, I don't care.. I have nothing else to report, I'll stick with the plan. It's not cunning this time don't worry.

Ok.. my pc has decided to die. It's left me this page and nothing else, start button has gone. I can't open Word to save what I've written so far.. and even if I could, I can't copy and paste because I'm using Firefox... Why is that?? So I shall publish and be back to edit.. leaving you, I'm sure, on the edge of your seats, desperately waiting for what wisdom I have to impart about my neighbours..

And back again! Right, where was I? Oh yes, my neighbours. How many of you don't actually say that word in your head when you think it, but sing it a la Aussie Neighbours? Just me? Moving on then.

I have people who live opposite me who are driving me crazy. The first lot have only just moved in. I thought they were quite nice, they don't park their car blocking my drive, play loud music late at night, in fact I hardly notive them at all. Then, this weekend, these appeared..


Yes, you do see that correctly. They have cut potted bushes into the shape of bears. BEARS. In their front garden. Welcoming people to the house. Perfectly acceptable if you are either 5 or 75, but not for a 30ish year old married couple. It's just wrong. I now have to look at them everytime I approach the house.

And then we have directly opposite me. This has been bugging me for weeks. I've thought of putting an anonymous note through their door.. begging... but I thought that might show off my insanity a little too far. Can you spot the "driving me crazy" in this pic? Other than the fact that I took it, obviously.


It's the blinds. They have been at that odd angle for weeks. And they stare at me when I'm at the computer. As soon as I turn my head to the right, it's the first thing I see.. Unless of course, Hushy's wanking neighbour has moved in.. I may now shut MY blinds..

Ok, those are the opposites. Next door we have the single man with his brand new puppy. It's not a small puppy. It's a cross between a German Sheperd and a Husky. It's large and it has a squeaky toy that it plays with at 11.30, right outside our fence. Single man works long hours, so is never there to clean up dog poo.. everytime I look out of Lal's window, there are large mountains of it. The dog is very interested in the baby, and spends most of its life attempting to dig under the fence. Luckily, it's not too clever and started digging about 8 feet away.. in a few years, when it finally gets here, I'm expecting trouble.

And the other next door, which is actually across the road, we live on a corner. They have grown up children who have a band. I'm not sure how much more needs to be said about that, although I'm thinking of starting a charity to get them a soundproofed room to "jam" in . I think I'm right in thinking they won't be storming the charts anytime soon. But the father of the house and I are engaged in an unspoken War. It's serious. As I said, we live on a corner. he has a side of the road, I have a side of the road. Every night, without fail, he will come home and park his car on MY side of the road, right outside our sitting room window. Every morning, without fail, I will move my car from our drive, and park it on MY side of the road, but directly across his driveway. His wife has to do a 19 point turn to get out. Childish? Yes. But he started it..

Ok.. I'm done. I have flashing orange MSN lights and I can't cope..

And the damn dog next door has found his chew toy early..


K x x

PS: What the boy did today..

Lal.. needed a sleep. Standing up will do.. Daft boy


Whilst waiting for dinner, but why not teach yourself potty training? Good lad.


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