Sunday, 8 June 2008

Not quite Dr Doolittle

SUN! We had sun! Of the hot kind and without any clouds. Wonderful! We all wore shorts, well not first thing, first thing was still freezing, but by 11 it was beautiful.

It was decided, by coin toss, that I had to do the lawn mowing today.. it's impossible to do without another adult around as Lal has decided that the mower is an object of deep fascination and attempts to throw himself under it every chance he gets. And when we do the front, cars are equally as fascinating..

So.. mowing the lawn, happily.. ish. I do it properly obviously, up and down in nice neat lines, so we get stripey lawn. Not round and left and right and back and the mish mash that K does.. Anyway.. mowing lawn, suddenly that crunch. The crunch when you know you've run something over, but not quite sure what it was. There was also a sort of high pitched squeal. I checked, obviously, that I still had both my feet. No problem, both there, both still needing the pedicure I've been going to organise since Lal was born.. . Then called K to see what was under the mower. A frog. I mowed a frog. I am Frog Murderer. In my defence, the grass was so long due to two weeks of rain that I couldn't see it. But still. I killed a frog. I am traumatised, and will no longer be able to cut the grass, it's K's job now. At least froggy didn't die in vain...

After the morning excitement, we headed off to my parents for a nice cool swim. Except I don't swim. So I guarded the towels from the non existant thieves. And sunbathed.

Lal wouldn't swim, but loved getting in and out of the pool. I think the final count was 17521 times. He didn't annoy anyone, really.

Also discovered the magic of the Wii. My brother was there with his children and bought the game along. I love it. I want one. I am willing to forego Christmas and Birthday presents for the next month in order to get one.. (my b'day.. August.. so I won't miss much lol) Of course I broke a light in my effort to jump over a fence in a horse racing game.. I didn't realise that I had to jump with my hand and not my body. That's it from me. Lal decided that he didn't want his bottle tonight, well he decided after he'd drunk it, so I have a couple of washes to go and do. Lovely.

K x x

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