Monday, 16 June 2008

The good.. the bad.. and the wet.

Ok, weekend first.

Saturday was spent in the glorious tasks of shopping, painting, well chalking,murals on a wall (Teletubies - I know there should be 2 b's.. G doesn't.. it's a thing) I will take some pics when I can find the camera, and some batteries. Lal now has sand in his sand and water table. He enjoys taking it out and dropping it all over the floor. So much for sculpted masterpieces..
Sunday. Fete Day at G's school. I am well known for my fete hatred. I have the pressure to spend £2 a go trying to win rubbish that I've already given to the school back. I give them (well gave at Primary School) the same teddy bear every year, and every year it somehow manages to come home with us again. It did this year.. and this was a Big School fete. PFFT. Anyway.. G had to compete in a Tug-Of-War competetion with her house.. I think they all need to be fattened up a little, Carmelites (all the houses are named after Nuns or Brothers - Monks) were ridiculously small compared to the rest of them.. one small tug and they were over. We chanted though. And a non pushchaired Lal attempted to defend his sisters honour. She may never forgive me for allowing him to run onto the field of play. The Tug had to be stopped whilst I collected him. Red faced Mummy.
After the Tug, I didn't see G again. She went off with her friends, only returning to me when she needed more money to win more of our bears back.. Oh and when she decided that the best thing at the whole fete were the BSM cars that idiotic instructors thought the CHILDREN might enjoy driving around a field. Marvellous. I have grave doubts that G will ever be a driver if the zig zag evidence was anything to go by. I don't think I have ever been so scared for spectators... She was entirely unamused that she wasn't allowed to get out of 2nd gear. I'd have prefered for her to stay standing still.
Lal discovered the BEST attraction of the whole place. The car park. Sooo many cars for him to touch. I've never seen him so happy. We stayed there for an hour " A Saab, A BMW, a Vauxhall.. ooh.. a Mercedes.." Oh we had fun. I tried to get him to have a go at the hammer strength thingy.. you know, you hit the thing, it flies up and hits the bell? He loved that. Bang bang bang. Dropped the hammer on the man's foot, but you know, can't have everything. He did win, by dint of a little cheating, a huge blow up Nemo doll. Lovely. It's living outside from now on.
And then he saw the ducks. The ducks with the little numbers underneath that you hook and win a prize. "Duck.. DUUUUUCK" Yes dear, a duck. Shall we go see? " DUCCCCKKKKKK" I honestly tried to hand him the pole to pick one up.. but no, he just dived headfirst into the paddling pool. He was as happy as.. well.. a duck in a pool. Being the ultra organised mother that I am, I had no spare clothes for him, so located G and stole her shruggy over shoulder cardigan type thing, put a dry nappy on, and he was happy. Thank goodness for sun! Oh, and he won a huge, ie bigger than him, bouncing stress ball. That's also living in the garden.

The BEST news.. and I never win anything.. on the tombola.. I won 2 free tickets to Colchester Zoo.. a saving of about £25 AND a £30 voucher for a hair cut! I may be able to tame my fly away locks.. woo hoooooo. My luck may be turning.

And I suppose I should mention, at least in passing, that the other K will no longer feature so prominently in my journals. We decided this weekend that our marriage isn't working, and so will be going our seperate ways... effective immediately. We've been having problems for a while, and I think the end of the line has been reached. We're all doing ok though.. hey.. you can read about how I attempt to cope with my two hooligans as a single mother! I can hear the panic now.. Tongue out
We're determined to be nice, he's a good man, and a good father.. so none of that no contact nonsense.. Just because we didn't make it, we don't want the children to suffer .. they love us both, they'll see us both.

Ok, off to book my hair appointment and possibly even get dressed. It's only 1pm after all. Maybe I should make a New Monday Resolution? Get dressed by 9am? I could maybe manage that...

K xx

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