Monday, 30 June 2008

A spoonful of sugar..

Sheer misery.. from Saturday night, to today.. looks like heading into tomorrow as well.

I'm ill! Actually ill not hypochondriac ill. It's the oddest cold I've ever known. It started with a slightly sore throat and a one sided blocked nose.. by midnight on Saturday I couldn't swallow or even smoke! Surprised Didn't sleep at all that night, couldn't swallow and kept choking on my pitfiul attempts not to.. By Sunday I have never felt so ill ever.

K rang Sunday morning and said, in a remarkably well sounding voice, that he was still dying and wouldn't be taking the children. I was being brave and just said ok then. By 11 I couldn't last any longer and fell asleep with Lal on the sofa. We woke together at 2.30!! EEK. That's bad. He'd need plenty of running to tire him out for bed.

G was worse than useless and instead of running with him, attempted to cause night time exhaustion by making him watch Pingu.. sitting on the floor. No dear, that doesn't help.

And then I passed out. Was very traumatic for G by all accounts. Actually sparko on the floor. My poor girl. She called K in a panic, he miraculously recovered and came round to look after them both. **grudgingly said** I suppose that was good of him.

It was a wierd type of cold.. my legs just disappeared on me, couldn't feel them, couldn't stand on them.. very odd. Having just watched a programme on MS, I can say I wasn't tempted to google at all... Wink

Anyway.. am all better know. 14 Beechams Cold and Flu tabs, 1 full packet of Kleenex Balsam tissues, 2 packets of lockets and 2 boxes of tunes. I'll antiseptic this cold right out.

The worst thing, the very worst thing, that made me cry, and it hurt to cry, was at 1.30am Sunday night. I REALLY wanted a cup of tea. I like tea. I have 3.5 sugars in my tea. But we had no sugar. We had an empty packet of sugar (damn the child who put it back.. she can't learn cleaning from me - but she can learn putting empty boxes back away from her father.. pfft) But NO sugar. I had to resort to using Caster sugar. In my tea. I think the tears were justified. Caster sugar. In tea. Yuck.

And.. OMG! G has been looking for her Ipod all night, remember? the one I threw out the window in a huff? She's just found it. Where she left it. In her jacket pocket. Except, in my feeling better stage earlier, I washed the jacket. She now hates me. It doesn't have any warranty left.

Anyone know if Ipods work after a rinse in the machine? Might it dry out if left in the conservatory overnight?

K x x (aka the worst parent in the world.. lol)

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