Thursday, 26 June 2008

Fell for it again

I hate cats. Not all cats, just mine. I suppose she's trying to be sweet.. and a presence in my big old bed.. but urgh.

Last night, after I failed again to beat my Word Challenge score (damn the game) I stumbled up to bed at 3.37.. aren't digital clocks great? I never have to be imprecise again.. and the cat was there waiting for me. I got under the covers, turned the tv on, located a programme I could fall asleep to (has to be something I'd want to watch.. can't fall asleep to rubbish) and felt the nose. The wet catty nose, rubbing up against my arm. Although I'd tucked the covers in tight around my top half, I'd failed to defend my foot area, and she'd snuck (sneaked?) in. Urgh! Yucky yucky cat. She then fell asleep with her claws under my chin and her tail tickling my nose. I didn't dare dislodge her for fear of her talons "accidentally" severing my jugular. I slept well. *sigh*

Normal morning stuff.. supreme late night caused morning over sleeping.. G panicked at leaving the house at 7.47 and not 7.35.. Door slam was somewhat louder than usual. The plan for the rest of the day was pj's, bc, Lal play and not much else.

10:17am**Ring Ring.. Ring Ring... " (Actually, it was the theme tune for Fresh Prince of Bel Air - G changed the ringtone on my phone and I can't work out how to get it off..)

"Hello. is that Mrs S?"


"Hi, It's 'insert school name..' here. We have G in the office complaining of severe headache and stomach pains."

"Oh, hi. Does it look like she's faking?"

"Well, not to me, and she isn't a regular in the sick room."

"Oh, ok.. Maybe the lack of sun cream yesterday did something, she could have sunstroke I suppose. Are you sure she looks ill? Really?"

"Well she doesn't look ill, but maybe it'd be best to come pick her up.."

"Fine, maybe I should. The last time she said something hurt and I didn't believe her, she'd broken her arm.. so.. ok, I'll be there in 20 minutes."

Great! Sick child on pj day. Ran around getting dressed, getting Lal dressed, book for the car, sick bag in case she was actually seriously ill, and off I went.

Arrived at the school at break time, thousands of children all in th same uniform. Lal though each one was his sister, only to be pathetically heartbroken and destroyed when it wasn't. Didn't stop him trying to find her though. Or him biting teenagers when they weren't related to him. Got to the office, provided my proof that I am, in fact, her mother and not a rather inept kidnapper, and waited for the child to arrive. Met the Headmaster and got the obligatory "He's a bit young for enrollment isn't he?" Handled with aplomb. Small laugh, shake of the head, and a "Are you sure you don't want him? He's very good really.. not trouble at all." You know, said in the tone of voice that conveys he is the exact opposite. Unless again, that's just me. Who offers her children to strangers...

And along came a deathly ill G. Just looking at her loping towards me, I could tell how very poorly she was. Hang on. Make that sheepish. Child had slept in the sick room and had made a remarkable recovery and now wanted to stay at school for the rest of the day.

"What homework hadn't you done?" said her caring mother.

"I had done it, and anyway it was maths.. but honestly. I'm fine now. Sorry mum." Said the tearaway teen.

"Georgia. I love you. Why can't you run away and join the circus like any normal person who hates their family?"

Informed office that Miss G would be staying at school, ran the Lal gauntlet of 1000 Non'G's.. and came home. Plotting my revenge.

**Fresh Price of Bel Air sings out again"

"Mum, can I go to E's house after school for tea tonight?"

"But you're dying of sunstroke/ bubonic plague/gastroenteritis.. how can you even consider playing out?"

"Yeah, but you knew I wasn't really ill...."

"Georgina Mary Alice S. Get home now."

Other than that.. not much happened. Lots of gardening, sun play with Lal. Just pottering really..

Oh, and don't let people tell you potty training is tough. Remember how he read the book to himself the other night? He's cracked it. He can take him nappy off when he wants to go... walk to the stairs and wee on them. The bottom three steps are no go areas. As I discovered after I trod on them in my socky feet.


K x x

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