Friday, 18 January 2008

Anyone seen the plug?

Last night was fun. MORE We went to bed early for a change, but were woken at 1.30 by the biggest bang I’ve ever heard from downstairs. My big, tough ex army husband decided that I had to go down and see what it was. MORE I didn’t, he did. He knows my methods. It turns out that the cat had been so deeply asleep on the windowsill, she failed to realize she was falling and took out a plant pot on her way down. Oops. No burglars, never mind.MORE Back to sleep.

Today started well, for a change. MORE Lal slept through for the third night running! Not without me waking up several times to check that he was still breathing obviously, he sleeps through the pokes now. MORE I may stop checking when he’s 20. No, 25. MORE

We’d just about managed to get dressed, when the Tesco delivery arrived, swiftly followed by the fancy organic vegetable box. MORE No mystery fruit this week, but we did get a coconut. And celeriac. MORE Which I though was still celery, but isn’t. It isn’t nice. Eww.

Then there was a knock at the door.. our Priest for an impromptu visit. MORE Ah. Quick checklist..

Been to Mass on Sunday … tick

Been to confession.. Tick

Supposed to do anything and forgotten.. can’t remember.

MORE Turns out he wants to complete Lal’s baptism. He only had the emergency one when he was about to go into hospital, so needs to have some more prayers and oil before he is “official” and goes onto the Parish Register. MORE This is the same Priest,btw, who is Lal’s Godfather. I’m not sure how that came about. MORE I think I was being polite and saying something about it being a shame that Priests can’t be Godfathers, he said they could. It was settled. MORE

K rang from station asking if I had seen his wallet. Nope. Looked everywhere. MORE Finally found it in Lal’s cot. Don’t ask. The Tv controls were in there the other day. And three of my sanitary pads. MORE He’s hoarding for when the Aliens finally attack. It makes sense! MORE

We braved our second baby class today.MORE Yesterday was Gymbabes which I think he enjoyed. He wasn’t so sure about being kissed by other babies, but loved removing the screws from the hinges of the slide (they should have pushed them in all the way) and handing in miniscule pieces of paper that someone hadn’t bothered to hoover up properly (his words, not mine) I enjoyed it. MORE Wasn’t so sure about Lal leading me into a tunnel, pretending to get scared and crawling out backwards and heading for the trampoline, whilst I was still stuck in there. Oh, how he loves me. MORE

Anyway, today was Caterpiller Music and Movement. It was exhausting. And loud. During the musical instrument session, Lal realized that there was a piano in the corner. MORE I don’t think he was supposed to play it, but he got a good tune. … “BINGO.. and Bingo was his name – o” It’s 8 hours later and I’m still singing it. MORE

G got the detention that I’ve been promising her for weeks that she’d get. MORE Learn child, it’s a catholic school, they will not be happy that you’re turning your (pleated) skirt over six times so it’s shorter. MORE The rules say knee length. I have to pick her up at 4.45pm on Wednesday. She has no MSN. A happier child there is not. MORE

And finally, realizing how easy it is to block the plug hole in the bath accidentally.. how is it not so easy to do it deliberately? MORE Weeks ago, Lal pulled the plug off the metal thingy (technical term) so I’ve been telling K that the plug would get lost. It has. I tried toilet roll, flannels, a sponge (sponge was very bad idea..) nothing worked. MORE So filled bath right up, and put Lal in whilst it drained away. G has already broken the shower, so we are going to be a stinky household, Again, lovely. MORE

Just put nappies in wash. Forgot to remove inserts again. Dammit. MORE

And if you are wondering at the many MORE’s dotted through, Lal has said it approximately every 17 seconds throughout today. I thought you might enjoy the pleasure too.

K xx

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