Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Tempting fate

n my journal a couple of hours ago, I said that Lal had slept through every night for a week.

Guess what?

No ideas? At 10.30pm, I was happily watching CSI, sky +'d from earlier,in a nice clean and tidy house, when I heard the thump of Lal leaving his cot, and the rattle of the newly installed prison gate at his bedroom door. GRRRRRRRRRR

It's now 11.22.. he has had milk, bottom change and several dummies. He has been put back in his cot 6 times. He has climbed out of his cot 6 times. He is now in the play pen in the kitchen. I'll be sleeping at the kitchen table. He's just not tired anymore.

WHY? Why did I have to say it?

In the words of the Lal.. "Oh? MORE? ah bah.. MAMA?"


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