Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Meet the daughter

Ok, fine. I am writing under sufferance, but have a spare 5 minutes as Lal is being occupied by the Teletubbies and has a brand new rattle that arrived in the post this morning, From Mattel. I don’t know why, but I like to think that they have singled me out for special treatment!

Georgina Mary Alice, born 21st February 1996, at 2.21am and weighing an enormous 6lb 2oz.

She was an accidental conception, you have to blame the Catholic Education that failed to mention anything about sex. To be quite honest I wasn’t quite sure that I had “done it” (That is not to cast aspersions on Dh’s prowess, honestly honey, it’s not..) I didn’t realise I was pregnant until I was 4 months gone, so the wedding was arranged in rather a rush!

As far as I can remember, she was induced on her due date, as she had decided to stop moving. Being induced is no fun, and I do not recommend it, at ALL. It was a fairly quick, 5 hour, labour, but was fairly traumatic for the poor little 18 year old me. The ****** midwife kept telling me that I wasn’t in labour and that I was fussing.. she finally deigned to give me pethadine at 2am.. G was born at 2.21. She had to be resuscitated as it worked on her, not me.. HMMM

Sadly, she was an ugly baby. No chin, pointed head, entirely crooked nose, no hair.. I was planning on swapping her with another baby on the ward, but they were all boys… Dh promised that if she didn’t straighten out I could get a plastic surgeon to have a look..

Potted history bit:

Nursery aged 5 months – 4 years (MY GOD how expensive was that??) They weaned her and everything for me..

First walked: 1 year and 1 week, (she’s beaten Lal and is SO pleased about that) Walked for a grape..

First word: “NO” She still says that a lot…

First sentence: “Get down!” Doesn’t say that quite so much now.. unless its to Lal

First injury caused: Jumped up and broke nursery worker’s nose.. umm, oops

First broken bone: Aged 10, broke arm whilst playing rugby for the school. I failed to believe her and made her carry on playing. Took her to hospital 8 hours later. She says she may forgive me one day.

First truly embarrassing moment: Stripping down to vest and knickers in Church, colouring her entire body in with black biro and running around shouting “I’m a pider….”

She is very musically talented, no idea where from as neither I nor Dh can hold a tune, she’s Grade 4 at singing, and Grade 2 at piano. Wants to start the guitar as well.. more expense! She’s entering the dreaded teenage years and has a attitude that displays that. But can be so very sweet and kind as well. Currently going through an incorrigible phase.. it’ll end in about 5 years…

She is completely gullible, as evidenced by believing my “lamb” story.. she also thought for years that Sainsburys employees only got the job because they were kidnapped from the car wash and forced into labour..

Oh, she has a fear of car washes..

That’s my break time done.. Lal is after the mousemat again.. grrr… he’s fed up with me talking about his sister and wants me to start on him… but that’s another story for another day!

First day of Primary School

Aged 3

First Holy Communion

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