Wednesday, 9 January 2008

A day of Song

Today has been a day of the musical variety. I realised that Lal only knows "Twinkle Twinkle" and "Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes, kneesandtoes" So, decided to start singing proper songs. We had an hour of "Round and round the garden" which resulted in much hilarity and giggling.. a few minutes of "pat a cake" - always hoping he might one day learn to clap.. but no - and half an hour of "Oranges and Lemons" I really do need to update my nursery rhymes. When you find yourself teaching your one year old the motion for decapitating someone for the last line of a song, you've gone wrong somewhere.

(ah, just got distracted as I suddenly realised what the horrible smell that's been following me around since Lal went to bed, sick.. lovely!)

Umm, what else? We discovered the relative joys of hummous/humous,hommus.. the Greek stuff. I say we, Lal had it on toast and I gagged at the smell.. seriously? People eat that stuff??

Then G came home from school, it's a warm and balmy 4 degrees here today, and she was wearing a shirt.. no jumper, no blazer and no coat. She only has to catch two buses and do 5 min walk, not enough to time to "feel the cold" So her belated Christmas present will be bronchitus, or pneumonia,she's not picky. Oh, and she came home wearing the school shoes that apparently didn't fit anymore at the end of last term, hence the new Hush Puppies on the Saturday before she went back to school. Her friends don't like the new ones.... THAT'S why she wore the shoes with holes..

And the day ended with her listening to her Ipod with the speakers that my dear, darling husband thought of as a Christmas present for her. When I say she listened, I of course mean that we ALL listened..

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