Monday, 21 January 2008

A soggy day

It's back. Lal's dreaded three day cycle! He woke at midnight last night and was so very, very happy that all he wanted to do was play. And sing. We gave up. I was so tired that we just sat him in the middle of our bed, turned BabyTv on and tried to go to sleep. It didn't quite work as he loves fish, and everytime dh and I closed our eyes, we were poked, prodded, pinched and punched until we marvelled over the beautiful fish too. (I hate fish. After dh bought 8 for G in another attempt to distract her from wanting a brother, I kept the damn things fed and clean for two years. I was under the impression they died after a couple of weeks. Not our fish. They were specially bred with a longevity gene. I even accidentally left 4 alive ones in with three dead ones for two days and it still didn't kill them. We still have one left, this is 5 years later, and I swear the damn thing laughs at me every time it sees me. He's even managed to scare the cat away... Oh, remind me to tell you about when he went crazy and turned suicidal fish one day... )

So, we finally managed to get to sleep around 4.30, K got up and left for work at 6.30, and G was up at 7. Bless my beautiful girl. She got Lal out of our bed, played with him, made me a cup of tea and got herself all sorted for school. I'll never get annoyed by one of her teenagerisms again. I fell back asleep, have no idea how. But when I woke up, I was wet. Very, very wet. Lal had decided that I was being far too boring and upended the wet wipe box on me. I make my own wipes (earth mama.. marvel away..) and so the solution of teatree oil, baby bath and lavender oil was a particularly lovely mess to wake to. I can still smell the lavender..

The rest of the day went swimmingly (no pun intended!LOL) I failed to put the lid on Lal's juice cup on properly at lunch time, so came back into the room to see his splashing merrily away in his highchair. Cupboard, floor, walls.. all covered.
Spent a large chunk of the day cleaning, I do so love a clean and tidy house. Hate the actual doing of it though. Did 4 loads of washing... amazing when I did two on Saturday, not including the nappies. Might stop the family wearing quite so many clothes. If it wasn't for the fact that they'd all die of shock, I would stop wearing any at all. Ok, maybe not. It's winter.

We had a lovely mid afternoon tea with M. The lady from yesterday. I'm going to try and make it a weekly thing, but will probably bring her here next time, Lal isn't good in stranger's houses and I spent most of the time putting things back.

Oh.. and don't ever believe the "doctors" when they say that fresh air is good for you. We were out for an hour yesterday, with Lal so wrapped up he could barely move, and he's STILL spent all day sniffling. Recycled, heated air. That's whats good for you.

And finally.. thanks so much for reading and commenting! It's lovely that people are reading this and enjoying it, although I can't quite think why! I'm really loving it.. like this new bc thing a lot!

Fingers crossed for a sleeping night tonight!

K x x

PS: Lal learnt how to open the fridge today. He attempted to eat the cheese through the packet. I think it's a work of art.

Teeth Nibbling Through Plastic. The lifespan of a lump of Cheese. By Alexander S

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