Monday, 14 January 2008

I found the X and fun with food!

Not much has happened today. I made soup, from a chicken carcass, without retching. All part of my new found determination not to be wasteful. Am planning on leaving the bones in the garden in the hope that they will attract a fox, who can then become a pet, so all future chicken carcasses will HAVE to be fox food. You can't expect the poor creatures to forage for themselves..

Managed to trick G into eating fish tonight. It was lemon sole in breadcrumbs, which she loved when she thought they were chicken nuggets, and felt sick when she was informed they were fish. I'm a tricky, tricky mummy. She wouldn't eat lamb when she was younger, as she had seen the baby ones playing in a field and just thought that it was too cruel. I have her completely convinced that lamb doesn't actually come from lambs. An kindly old Earl (the Earl of Winship) discovered a new foodstuff in 1308 but he didn't know what to call it. As he thought, he looked out the window and saw some beautiful lambs frolicking in the fields below. He decided to call the foodstuff Lamb. She is going to hate me so much when she's older...

The Lally Lamb (or Riot, as my father in law calls him) was good today. Only two issues of note:

1) Begging for cheese from my sandwich "MORE? Mama MORE?" and eating it. Or I thought he was eating it. As would you if you had heard the smacking of lips and YUM sounds coming from his direction. But no, he was alternately feeding bits to the cat and squishing it in my washing machine. Excellent


2) We have an old Grandfather clock in our hall that my husband inherited from his grandparents. It's a lovely piece, and has a beautiful stained glass door at the front. Lal has worked out how to open the door and now spends most of his time posting things in there. On the plus side, we found the X from the alphabet puzzle. He now has all 26 emergency dummies again.

Oh.. the most important thing.. he can WALK! Well, no, actually he can't. But he can toddle along whilst holding my hands now. I thought this might be progress, but its just made my back ache, a lot. I may spend the evening watching Tv on the sofa, instead of sitting on the most uncomfortable computer chair ever in front of the pc!

And one final thought. Lal wears cloth nappies. I was them every three days. ANd have done for aproximately 11 months. Why do I never remember to remove the insert from the nappy, do the tags up and turn the wraps inside out BEFORE I put them in the nappy bin? Why? It's not a pleasant job to deal with stinky three day old nappies when you have to do all the above! It would be so much easier the other way...

K x x

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