Thursday, 10 January 2008

Where did I park the car?

Not much done today. Lal, once again, discovered the joys of night waking, this time at 2am. For most babies, that means waking up, having a drink/nappy change and going back to sleep. For Lal the Super Baby, that means shouting, singing, doing the "now driving me crazy" Twinkle hands, crawling all over dh and I, climbing off the bed and attempting to turn the TV on, locating Tv controls and pressing the blue button, which he has worked out means favourites, until Baby Tv comes on. Not sure how many people have heard of Baby Tv, check out their website It's a hell of brightly coloured, garish, annoying cartoons, a frankly freaky looking Baby Chef with his Mrs Kettle helper, and two very odd puppets named Boobie and Boobah. He loves it. We hate it, but can quote verbatim all the songs. Verbatim. All. The. Songs. Really.

Anyway, he went back off to sleep at 4.30am, which wasn't too bad, but stayed in bed with us, which was bad as he always gets the middle and ends up horizontal whilst dh and I cross feet and cling to the edges of the mattress, shivering as Lal has all the covers. Dh left for work at 6, I didn't wake, but did open my eyes briefly at 7 to ensure that G was up for school. She was. And wearing her jumper, and new shoes.*

Had the usual day, naps in the morning, tantrums in the afternoon. Why does he just not understand that normal household objects and toys do not live down the toilet? We've already had the plumber out once this week.

(distracted again.. tonight's smell was wafting in from the hall, cat had pooed. Delightful.)

Went to Tesco tonight as had to get G some new school tights. She wears the 40 denier ones, no one would be seen DEAD in the woolly tights that I was forced to wear, and they are constantly laddered. Hence Tesco trip. Spent 15 minuted in freezing cold and pouring rain trying to remember where I parked the car. Upon closer key inspection, I remembered that I had taken dh's car and was standing in front of it. Dammit. It's possible I have the brain of a dead flea. Who had alzheimers. And a lobotomy. Twice.

That's it from me, am hoping for an early night to make up for last night's misadventures.. also trying a new sleep method recommended by Hushy. Child will no longer be cuddled to sleep, he will be put down awake in his cot. I promise I tried tonight, but he fell asleep as I was carrying him upstairs...

K x x

*Shoes later found hidden at back of wardrobe and shoes with holes in worn to school.

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