Friday, 4 January 2008

Why did I think it?

There are two things that are guaranteed to happen when you have children..
  1. At some point, they will wee and/or poo on you
  2. You will think "tonight is the night they will sleep through" and within 17 minutes the baby will have woken up.
Guess what happened last night? Went to bed at the ridiculous hour of 1am and woke Lal.. somehow. I think I may have breathed too loudly. This is the child who will not wake when he is being moved out of a car seat, held in my arms whilst I attempt to juggle bags of shopping, baby bag, and get the door keys in the lock, put bags down once inside, take his coat, hat, gloves and scarf off.... But breathing? In the middle of the night? That'll wake him!

So.. at 2am I gave up and brought him into bed with us.. he has learned that Tv Controls do actually turn the TV on, so we were subjected to the dubious delights of Baby TV. Fun! K and I alternated between watchful sleep, full on sleep, pleading, dozing, begging, singing and rocking before Lamb finally passed out again at 4.30am. Yes.. 4.30AM. You would think that he would sleep in to compensate for his broken night. Yes? NO! Up with the lark at 6.45. Ouch. I have spent the afternoon/evening swigging Coke (the drink!!) and looking for something to glue my eyelids open with. And now? At 11pm? I'm wide awake, with no hope of sleep yet!

G decided that I was not spending enough time with her... I think jealously over the baby has finally come to the fore. I've been expecting it for a while, but for her, the reality has now set in. The long awaited, much begged for brother is not an instant playmate. He is annoying, loud, unable to be left alone, gorgeous and brand new, so is universally adored by everyone he meets! And her nose is out of joint. I did try to warn her that it would be like this, hence getting her a dog for her 6th birthday and telling her that he was her new "brother" - hey.. it worked for two years - but today she was feeling left out! So we had some "Mummy and Me" time which involved popcorn, crisps, playroom and The Simpsons Movie. It was actually quite funny, yes, I do have a puerile mind.. children's cartoon are about my sense of humour level at the moment, but I now realise the fuss behind the damn "Spider Pig" song.. Argh.. I only heard it twice and it is now permanently lodged in my mind.

Right... off to bed, will try not to breathe.. may be easier to sleep on the floor... except there is that squeaking floorboard at the top of the stairs... hmm... Are stairs comfortable to sleep on?

K x

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