Sunday, 20 January 2008

Letterboxes are evil

Sunday. Church day. Except we woke up at 8.47. So didn't go. That's me at Confession next Saturday. We had a good morning anyway, it was actually nice not to have to rush about and just relax for a change. I was even Super Mum and made pancakes! With sugar and lemon and whipped cream toppings!

A few weeks before Christmas, I got a phone call from Help the Aged, as they are one of the charities we support. Oh, we have an Indian Grandmother! Lourdu-Mary. She is 75, but looks 110, she has one son who has leprosy, and we send £12 a month which keeps her fed, clothed, and helps her meet other people. Apparently she came 5th in a race! They send us pictures of her every year and she send us messages, saying things like "It is nice to see Katie and the baby are well and eating!" Does she mean I'm fat? lol

Anyway, they asked if we would mind delivering a few envelopes to a few houses down our road, and collect them, count up the money and send them a cheque! Me, deciding that i should do more for charity, said yes. I didn't realise that letterboxes are evil things that have to have been created by Satan. Yes, Satan.

We delivered, by we I mean Lal and I, the envelopes on Wednesday, dutifully ignoring all the stickers on windows that said "No junk mail, or free newspapers" I have severely bruised and cut up knuckes. There are brushes on the insides of those damn letterboxes, or hinges that spring shut whilst your fingers are still in there. It hurts (said in a crying for mummy type voice) It wasn't fun. Check yours... think of the poor postman..

And today, G, Lal and I decided it was time to collect them. Well, I decided, G came along under sufference and Lal was in the pushchair, so had no choice.
We were ignored totally at a few houses, ie, could see movement, but people hid. Maybe we looked like bailiffs? Two people gave me lectures about posting things through their doors when their stickers said not to. Ok.. but they didn't actually say NO CHARITY ENVELOPES. So I was in the right! But I smiled and said thanks anyway! There was one lovely old lady, who looked like she could do with some Help the Aged help herself, who apologised because she only had 20p. I let her have a Lally cuddle, and she cried! Said her grandchildren lived in Australia and she hadn't ever seen them. We're going to take some cake round tomorrow afternoon, and have tea!
Oh.. and one wonderful moment when the days of the Lally Noise were made all worthwhile. A lady was putting some money in the envelope.. when Lal said, in his very best and loudest voice.. "MORE?" LMAO.. she gave more...
And that was it.. we made, out of 40 houses, a grand total of £16.48. And $1 17 cents from some evil person who also gave 150000 Turkish Lira HMPH!

K is still dying, but I'm sure he'll make work tomorrow.. I'm going to try for an early night, and might watch some TV.. or carry on chatting on MSn as I usually do!

K x

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