Sunday, 27 January 2008

Musings, thoughts, random wishes

Well! We've had a good, but lazy weekend! I did a Tesco shop and the ironing and that's about it! I also abdicated all childcare responsibility to K so had a little time off. I napped, watched films, stayed up stupidly late and nothing else! I'm tired again now, so I'll be brief tonight and go and watch the end of Ocean's 13. George Clooney is on my "sleep with if I had the chance" list. Wish I'd met him in Tesco.

Went into playroom earlier to see that Lal once again had no socks on. "For goodness sake lal, where are your socks? It's cold!" I then watched as he crawled over to the Tv cabinet, stood up, put his hand in the video slot and pulled out his socks. He understands me anyway. No wonder the video doesn't work anymore!

Now, I get random thoughts. A lot. Things I really, really want to do.. just to see what would happen. Or if what I thought would happen, would.. and how bad it would actually be. I could never actually do any of the following at the moment, but one day.. just before I die.. I will! I have to!

I want:

  • To turn to car off and remove the keys whilst I am driving! Would the car immediately stop? Roll? Kill me and all its occupants? Glide seemlessly to a halt? Jerk crazily all over the road and end up up a lampost?
  • To cut the bit of cord that threads through our bedroom horizontal blinds. I know they would collapse in a heap.. but what if they didn't? What if the cord serves no purpose?
  • To frighten a skunk and see if it really does spray nasty smell all over me.. what if someone who was in love with skunks made that up, so people stayed away from them.. and no one was ever brave enough to check, so everyone just believes it!
  • To find the people who our school teachers warned us about. Where is the girl who leapfrogged the rounders post and got impaled? The boy who broke his back whilst leaning backwards on chair? The child who ran across the field during a javelin lesson and was sliced clean through?
  • Sneeze with my eyes open to see if they really will fall out!
  • Cut a plugged in lamp cord to see if I do get an electric shock.
Of course, a couple of these may well be the cause of my death... but I will do them! I have more, but the rest are completely insane.. and, well, insanity isn't pretty!

Kx x

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