Friday, 11 January 2008

So that's why!

Another non sleeping night last night. Only from 11.30 - 4.40, so it wasn't too bad Undecided Woke at 7 this morning to see that Lal had escaped from our bed (yes, I know, he should have been in the cot) and was eating his breakfast. Well, the contents of the tub of sudocrem. Is it a rite of passage for all one year olds? He's probably got a list somewhere of things he's ticking off.

  1. Wee on all members of family
  2. Aim sick so it goes directly in their mouths
  3. Have an accident that ensures maximum blood loss, but be fine three minutes later
  4. Shout out inappropriate things at most inopportune moment (still to do)
  5. Eat tub of sudocrem whilst ensuring maximum smear possible.

Oh, I realised why the new cup I bought for him from Boots was rubbish and wouldn't let him drink anything. There is a piece of plastic you have to take out of the tip before it will work. Never seen a child drink anything so quickly.

Umm, what else? We played a lot today.. actually I played and Lal just got everything out of the toybox!

Oh! He had his first real chocolate bar. He chose it himself from the shop.. a milky way. He loved it!
Not sure whether to tell him that the wrapper needs to be opened first... he thinks he ate chocolate anyway... Is that wrong?

That it! I'm off.. going to watch last night's ER.. still miss the days of George Clooney and Noah Wyle.

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