Wednesday, 23 January 2008

A non eventful day

Well.. a grand total of nothing happened today. To my complete shock, Lal slept through last night. I may be using Medised a lot in the future. In fact, he even slept later than usual.. 8.30am! Umm, what else? I managed the medications quite well. I've never known a child love medicine quite so much. I even had to do the pure ribena on spoon trick to stop his pulling the chair over to the sideboard to get the medicine down.

And, he is a complete faker, he's been a little slower than usual, but he's absolutely fine in himself. He even learnt a new trick.. although I won't be encouraging him to dive off the sofa headfirst again. Not sure he liked it much either. There's a nice little bruise.

Ah! I completely forgot! I decided to leave him in the kitchen with some toys this afternoon, for 5 minutes whilst I hadsome time on bc. Well, I am supposed to be a mod, so should check in every once in a while. Apparently he has now learnt how to undo the child stopping door opening device. Or at least he has worked out how to take the piece of ribbon I stick in the door out because we don't have any child stopping door opening devices. The ribbon worked for ages btw.. makes the door fatter. (Can you tell that I don't have a future in DIY?LOL)
So, he'd opened the door. But I didn't hear it then. I heard it about 3 minutes later as my brain is equipped with a time delay.... "Oh, noise, now what was H saying on bc about taking a test, and did J put up the new bed for M, and I wonder where L is, haven't seen her for ag.... NOISE.. door opening.... ALARM ALARM ALARM..." So ran to the kitchen, just in time to see L drinking out of a bottle of vinegar (please don't ask why the lid wasn't on properly, I've only told K 9000 times and you may be assisting me in my divorce, or at least me chucking him outside to sleep in the shed) and about to squeeze the helpfully opened bottle of ketchup everywhere.

Thankfully, vinegar does not taste good and so was spat straight back out, but he still spilt it all over himself and the floor. My house now smells like a chip shop.

So that's it. A non eventful day!

Tomorrow I'm taking him to Gymbabes.. hopefully.. might make him forget that medicine is required.

Ah.. one final bit about my daughter. My wonderful daughter, who as you may recall received a detention for rolling her skirt up. The detention was tonight. I picked her up from school. It takes a special sort of child to walk calmly towards our car, with her mother inside, having had her supposed deterrent of a detention.. with her DAMN SKIRT ROLLED UP! I was actually speechless.

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