Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Watch your language

He slept through again! I think I'm going to have to stop remarking on this as if it is an unusual occurence, as its now been nearly a week! He's even stopped waking for the dummy shove back in manoever. Having said that, he must have a secret stash hidden somewhere round his cot, as I found 7 under there this morning. Including one I haven't seen for months!

Lal has a brand new word, almost a phrase, and I blame myself entirely. Today, I have listened when I speak and to what I say when something goes wrong.. which admittedly is fairly often. Apparently I say "Oh Bugger" A lot. And now, when Lal drops something, or knocks something over, he says "oh BUG" too. Bugger. I mean dammit. I mean, umm, oops? Maybe its just me, but when I accidentally swear, I berate myself for saying that profanity by using another.. and for that one another.. and so on. Until I give up and melt into a Wizard of Oz witch puddle on the floor. That happens regularly too.

K is still away, but is obviously missing me far too much to articulate how very much he is pining for me, as he has so far today failed to text/email/IM/phone. Too painful to hear my voice all these miles away. I feel for him, really. Although if it goes on much longer, he has several prized possessions that may get special "Katie" attention.

Took Lal to his first Gymboree session today. Every other "mother" there was a Nanny.. seriously. They actually expressed surprise when I said I was his mother. Apparently the area I live in is extremely affluent, though you'd never know it from the thugs I see walking around here, wish some of that would rub off on us!(Affluence, not thuggery!) He loved this group though, and is becoming more and more confident with each one we go to. It's frightening actually. I just wish that he would play on some of the toys instead of heading for the nearest door to pull faces through the windows, or unplugging the stero, hi fi system thingy and clapping at his prowess. Oh yes.. he can finally clap! So lots of big rounds of applause to the Lallyman.

Umm.. what else? My hand did the "I'm going to open for no reason at all whilst you are holding this cup" thing again. I can never keep mugs for any length of this before they are smashed to a milion pieces on the floor. I really don't do it deliberately. It just sort of happens.

Oh.. but the really brilliant news.. this weekend... wait for it... I bought.. a new washing up bowl. The excitement I felt over that stupid washing up bowl... I so need to get more of a life. But its silver.. and new... and doesn't have a bit broken near the edge so that when you empty it out your skin gets caught and causes bad blood blisters!
It's just now occurring to me that I could have turned it round the other way so that didn't happen.


K x x

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