Friday, 25 January 2008

The Great Button Con

Lal is getting better and better, still a bit blocked up, but the cough that has been plaguing him for months has finally gone! He only has the fake one left now, so I'm happy that the antibiotics are working! He's been lovely today, enjoyed Caterpiller's Music, only tried to eat one baby this time, and loved doing the Hokey Cokey at the end. I'm going to have to start calling him Alexander more often though, people look at me strangely when they hear me say Lally. And he doesn't even react when they call him Alexander (ooh.. just realised how strange it feels typing that word.. sorry!lol)

It was G's treat night tonight. I let her off homework and allow her to choose a Mummy and Me activity. Cunningly I purchased some almost out of date make your own chocolate covered apples mix stuff from the shop earlier for £0.95. So was hoping that would be the plan, and not having to watch another one of her dvd's. I hate that Lemony Snicket film with a passion.. and she always chooses it. ARGH!

So, after Lal was in bed, tea done and washed up, we decided to make the apples. Seriously, I needed a packet to do this. There is no chance I'll ever be a Delia. Washed the apples, stuck the stick in, and started melting the buttons, chocolate buttons, not random cardigan buttons. I overestimated the time they needed in the microwave and boiled them. They turned into goo. A goo that was entirely unsuitable for dunking apples in. Damn. I was sent to the shop to purchase more buttons. A friend I was Msn'ing at the time told me to just buy chocolate, but Miss G NEEDED to have actual buttons or the whole thing would fail.

I bought 11 packets of buttons. 11.. just in case 10 were too few. £4.73. For 11 packets. Now that's a rip off. Came home and K and I had a 25 minute discussion about the cost of inflation and how a can of Diet Coke used to be 25p. Which led onto us attempting to remember how much every bar of chocolate we ever purchased cost us. And half penny chews.. 2 for a penny. G just looked back and forth as if we had just stepped off the set of Oliver..

ho will buy my sweet red roses?
Two blooms for a penny."

She thinks of everything in terms of Musicals.. and is hoping that The Lord (Andrew Lloyd Webber) will still be casting for musicals when she is 16.. she wants to BE in the West End. As long as it isn't Soho, I'll be happy.

Anyway.. argument about inflation stopped, although K is still wittering on.. he's now onto the fool who decided to change the name of Opal Fruits and Marathons.. G made the chocolate sauce for attempt 2 of the dipping apples and it was perfect. We rolled and dipped.. chocolate is now hardening in the fridge and I can hear her coming downstairs. I can only hope she doesn't have that damn Dvd in her hand. Just let the madman eat the children.. please...

K x x

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