Thursday, 3 January 2008

Me, My family and I!

So! I am joining this century, or should that be the last one and I'm just late as usual, and starting a blog! About me! And my life! And all the stuff that doesn't happen in it!
Ok.. the boring introductions bit tonight, and then ever hoping that something interesting happens tomorrow so I can write about it! Always supposing that what little brain I had hasn't atrophied and I can actually remember words and how to write!
I am Katie, am an ancient 30 years old. And I have two children, a husband, a cat and a fish. The cat is frightened of the fish. And the children. And me. And just about everything. And when the cat gets frightened.. well... it isn't pleasant.. and takes a while to clean up.
The children!
Georgina, the girl, is 11. And rapidly approaching the teenage years. She actually thinks that she is already there and acts accordingly. I consider it a personal achievement that I haven't buried her at the bottom of the garden.. or sold her into slavery.
Lal, the boy, has just turned one. And is therefore approaching the toddler years. If the first year is anything to go by, and if he follows his sister's example... it's going to be fun! He still can't walk, which is a blessing, but he can crawl... and boy can he crawl fast. Everywhere he isn't supposed to go! I had no idea that the phrase "Please don't try to get in the toilet" would become something I say several times a day.
The husband, K, well he is good really. He used to be in the army, but left in April 07. We are learning how to live with one another.. it's been a very long time, actually never, that we have been in the same house most of the day and all night without even the hint of a deployment on the horizon.

K x

Lal... caught climbing..

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