Friday, 11 January 2008

Pob The Hairstyle

Had all my hair chopped on Sunday. Got lots of compliments. Very happy. However, a number of people remarked that they had had a "pob" before. Hmm.. a pob to me is:


And I can promise that I don't resemble him. Well, much anyway. So what on earth is a POB?
Public Order Breach? I honestly can't see me causing riots as I walk down the street
Point Of Beginning? Well, umm, Am starting a new me, could be that, ish..
Passenger On Board? I'm definitely not pg, and why would my hairstyle let people know that?
Place Of Birth? Umm, It's Essex. Nothing more is to be said on that subject.
Post Office Box? A real contender as the base colour is now a coppery red..
Product of Boredom? We have a winner!

K x x

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