Thursday, 24 January 2008

Leave the toilet alone!

Another sleep through night last night. Yay! I'd love to be able to say I found some sort of magic cure, but maybe he'll only sleep through when he's ill and dosed up on medicine. He's loving the anti biototics btw, really, yellow medicine is a gift from God.

We had a good morning that all went horribly wrong. Played a lot, listened to our new Cd's.. Silly Songs and Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush.. there is no longer any chance that he'll be learning how to cut heads off from me, Oranges and Lemons don't even feature! We got a delivery from ELC, some lovely musical toys, so we had lots of fun playing with the bells and marraccas. Really. Lots of fun. It wasn't loud and annoying at all.

And then I went to the toilet. Except I didn't actually get to go to the toilet, as I realised that once again, the damn thing was blocked. And it wasn't the nice just water blocked like last time. I'll leave the rest..... Rang British Gas who I'll be on first names terms with soon, explained and they sent a plumber out - fab service again, he was here within two hours. He explained that toilets do become blocked when plastic things that make bubbles get shoved down them, similarly when toilet rolls, a little stuffed bear and a nappy go down there. All at once. It seems that the monster child has learnt that I remove things from the toilet when I can still see them in the water. If he uses the toilet brush (brand new, only for show so that people think I actually clean the loo occasionally) to shove them down further, no one takes them out. Wonderful. That's two plumbers in two weeks, its a damn good job we pay for the British Gas homecare otherwise it would cost us a fortune. Do you think the school would mind if I didn't bother toilet training him at all? And just kept him in nappies forever.. I am dreading actually allowing him near the loo.. at least now all he hears is no. Not that he takes a blind bit of notice.

This afternoon, we went to Gymbabes. He is no longer daunted by the apparatus and spent the entire time attempting to throw himself off things.. sometimes with success if I wasn't fast enough. He is VERY suspicious of the ladies who run it, as they know HIS songs. How dare they? He does a very cute and comical double take and looks at me as if to say "but they're ours mummy.. stop them.." Still won't go near the tunnel, but I wasn't stupid enough to climb in the other end this week. Tomorrow is the musical hell of Caterpillers. Looking forward to that one.

I helped G with her maths homework last night. Apparently it showed. She did get one right though. I didn't help with that one.
Stupid thing I say to G about when I was at school #356
"I can remember when I was doing RE, my friend and I used to pass notes to each other all the time."
G got a demerit today for passing notes to a friend in RE.

That's it! Gymbabes wore me out.. I'm off to do something that doesn't involve me sitting at the computer, but will get bored with that in 5 mins when I feel the irresistable lure of bc again.

I'm thinking about the book... but what on earth would I write??

(Oh and also... when on the phone to Britsh Gas regarding my household cover, it turns out that my cooker is covered. YAY! That means that they will come and fix the handle that G broke off the door months ago.. no longer will it need to be held shut with sellotape. I do have a husband.. he's just "too tired" to deal with household maintenance. He's rebelling against my authority, I'll sort him out!)

K x

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