Monday, 21 January 2008

Lal has a sicknote

Not a good night last night again. Lal woke at 10.30 and proceeded to cough and cry though the night. The cough was every 30 seconds, but he was so tired that all he wanted to do was sleep, so cried, which made him cough.. gah. I spent a long time wafting a Karvol soaked Muslin under his nose, which made me feel a little better, but didn't do much for him! We put another pillow under him, a bowl of hot water in his room but nothing. Instead we were all, G included, watching Baby Tv in our bed at 5.30 this morning! Lal and the incessant cough loved it!

I took him to the docs this morning, fully expecting them to tell me that I was, once again, being entirely neurotic and that he had a cold. But no. This time he is actually ill. He has a chest infection, ear infection and an asthma wheeze. He now has antibiotics (3 x a day) steroids (twice a day) calpol (every four hours) Ibruprofen (every other 4 hours) and tixylix (every 3 hours) I can't hope to remember that so I made a chart. With spaces for me to tick off. I love making charts, I used to do them for revision timetables at school. They were always so brilliantly neat and well decorated. I'd spend hours making them, which very rarely left me any time to revise. This chart today took me the whole of Lal's afternoon nap, but it does have flowers decorating the edges and the medications are neatky colour coded. I don't know why... I even made a special trip upstairs to get G's colouring pencils to do it. K thinks I'm insane. He may well be right!
Lal has slept for lots of today, and really doesn't feel well. Has eaten lots of yogurt and fruit, so I'm considering buying some disposable nappies to tide us over the next few days.. lovely!

G had cooking at school today. The poor child takes after me and it doesn't look like she is going to be a grand success in the kitchen. She was only making a fruit salad, but it was so tart that we all looked like we were sucking lemons... BIG smiles though, and fawning over the sheer deliciousness of it. The bottom of the outside bin may be getting a treat tonight, as long as I remember to accidentally leave two dirty bowls on the side, with spoons, so she thinks we ate it all.... She also had cross country tonight, as an after school club. Used her new football boots, which are apparently a necessity for cross country nowadays, and shaved 3 minutes off her time! I'm convinced that if she hadn't deliberately run through every muddy puddle she could find on the way round, she could have been even faster. She came home covered, literally, her legs were a brown mud encrusted mess. Oh yes.. she came home on the bus, so I'm sure the bus company are now cursing me!

Oh, the really bad new is, we had to cancel Gymboree.. I'm just... beside myself! Wink I am so not a baby group person, stupidly shy in real life, and have to psych myself up for hours before to actually go.. so Yay! He should be ok for Gymbabes on Thursday though..

That's it for tonight .. I'm going to try to nap so I can be half awake when he needs me through the night.. checking chart.. its Calpol again at 9, I think... or did the green code mean ibrupofen?

K x x

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