Monday, 14 January 2008

Sunday.. the day of Peace?

We're Catholic so we had Church today. At 9am! Had to be there for 8.35. Love Sunday mornings! My Lal loves Church. There are so many people to entertain. But so little pew room to do it in. Today he:
  • Attempted to suck an old man's toe. His fault for wearing sandals.
  • Accidentally got caught on a lady's brooch and ripped her cardigan.
  • Ate a hymn book
  • Stole £1.16 from the collection plate
  • Crawled up the centre aisle shouting "DA DA" to the Priest
  • Helped conduct the choir
  • "Talked" loudly all through the sermon
  • Emptied baby bag of all items and showered various people in talcum powder
  • Gone to 8 random strangers for cuddles (and a sneaky attempt to steal their glasses)
  • Pulled a young girl's ponytail. Hard
And that's in an hour.

My darling daughter serves on the Altar during Mass. I think she planned it deliberately so she wouldn't have to sit near us. Today, she managed to get a seat behind the pillar, so I couldn't mouth at her to sit straight, stop fidgeting. I can only hope that she felt the force of the mummy glare through said pillar and behaved herself.

The rest of the day was spent attempting to tire out the monster child. So we played. We sang. Incy Wincy Spider is a new favourite. He managed, over the course of the day to:
  • Crawl upstairs 24 times ( I counted)
  • Remove every CD from CD rack twice
  • Change the settings on the TV its all in Italian... Nessun Signale anyone? We are assuming No Signal, but can't understand how to get the signal back.
  • Remove every nappy from nappy cupboard, losing three somewhere.
  • Train the cat to sit still whilst he put the stacky cups on her head.
  • Leave his plastic cars on the wooden floor in the hall so I slipped on them.
  • Somehow negotiate the supposedly locked cupboard in the kitchen and get at the cat food.. he enjoyed his snack.. eww
In all seriousness, he is changing so quickly. Over the last couple of days, I have noticed an enormous change. He seem to be playing with his toys properly, crawling and sitting more purposefully. He even seems to be getting enough confidence to take that first step. Am hoping he hangs off on that for a while first... a year maybe?

We used Hushy's fab sleep method again tonight, put him down asleep. Could hear him chattering to himself so went up, he was standing in his cot and as soon as he saw me, he dived to the pillow and almost pretended to be asleep! But the method has worked for two nights, so I still love her...

Oh..and he discovered a host of new dummies... 26 to be exact, well 25 cos we can't find "x"

Yes, that is the letter "T"

K x x

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