Sunday, 24 February 2008

Bunnies.. just plain wrong!

Sunday. I'm sitting here, its 8.14, and I have no idea what I did today. Nope. Inspiration has left me. The impossible has happened and I have nothing to talk about.

Oh, except this. As I said yesterday, G went to a birthday thingy. She took some money of her own, for incidentals, and came back with a new purse (to go with the 28 she already has) a necklace and a bracelet. I can't be the only mother who objects to Playboy things being marketed, with their cute little bunnies, at 12 year olds? (BTW, How pleased am I that I remembered to say 12??) It's obscene. I hate it. But I can't really take them off her as she bought them with her own money. I don't think its wrong to tell her that she looks like a blinged out Pimp however. Sadly, I then had to explain what a pimp was. Dammit. She just looks awful. They are cheap silveresque chunky things, they'll probably turn her neck green within a week. But apparently "everyone" wears them. I'm behind the times obviously.
Was it just my mother (and now me) who objected to the use of the word "everyone?" I used to beg to go to parties, telling her that everyone would be there. All I'd ever get was "Who is this ubiquitous everyone? I won't be there, your father won't be there, therefore EVERYONE won't be there will they?" That sort of logic is impossible to argue with. And I used it tonight against my child. I am my mother. I am not amused.
Oh.. G had comeback.. its not EVERYONE who wears them.. just "everyone who is anyone." Why didn't I think of that argument? I feel like ringing my mum and asking to go to a party...

I cleaned out the conservatory, where the dryer lives, in preparation for the fix it man coming on Tuesday. Just so he doesn't see how dusty it was behind it. Dust won't have broken it, will it? If it did, the washing machine and the freezer will be the next to die.

Umm, what else? I have further proof that exercise is bad for me. Walking to town has given me a cold. Actually, its not an entire cold yet, just one side of my nose, but I'm sure by tomorrow it will have spread. Maybe I really am allergic to fresh air? But no, I won't be googling allergies.. not yet anyway.

And finally.. tonight, K and G bathed Lal. I sat at the pc for 5 mins for some catching up. I turned around to see a naked baby entering the room, crawling to the plug socket and turning it on. He then crawled to the tv, turned that on, pressed play and sat on the beanbag to watch Teletubbies. And was so proud of himself, he clapped. With his feet. Hand clapping, anyone can do. Foot clapping.. it's the way of the future...

For someone who could think of anything to write, I really can ramble!

K x x

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