Thursday, 7 February 2008

Weetabix.. why?

Lal had Weetabix for breakfast today. Yummy. He ate the lot, including some pureed pear. Oh how happy I was. I then decided to do some cleaning, as the house is a tip, and half term starts next week and I can't even think about allowing more mess to be created on top of old mess.
When I clean, I start upstairs. And everything gets shoved into the kitchen and that is the last room to be done. I finally finished everywhere else at 1pm. And Lal woke for lunch. So he ate lunch whilst I got myself ready for Gymbabes... can't go without full make up and unstinky top!

I then got him ready and left the kitchen for when we got back. Had a fab time a Gymbabes... he is still tunnel scared, but loved all the other equipment. Got very excited when they said we were singing " head shoulders knees and toes, knees and toes.. " but they got the tune and the words wrong so he had a paddy and did HIS way of doing it anyway.

Right. so back home. Kitchen to be done. Got it all finished, except one bowl. The bowl that had contained weetabix, but now contained dried on cement. It soaked for 40 minutes in hot soapy water and the weetacement still would not come off. Scouring pad. Still on there.. I eventually had to scrape if off with my nails and a knife.
My own fault for not soaking or rinsing straight away... but why? Why is it necessary for weetabix to dry like this? That got me thinking of alternate uses..

  • Weetacement to build houses. Strong durable... problems only occur in heavy rain..
  • Weetamdf... used to create stunning tables. Can be shaped to own liking. Just add water, leave to dry, job done.
  • Weetabrick... For all football hooligans. Add milk. Leave to dry for three days, throw at rival fans.
  • Weetacovering for rockets.... can't see the ozone burning it up somehow. Much cheaper for NASA
  • Weetashield.. for the discerning policeman... handy for holding back angry mobs..
Honestly.. there is nothing weetabix can't do. Except come off breakfast bowls without the use of a knife and much swearing...

Oh yes.. on that note... Lal is not losing the B*gger..
Me: "Say Georgie.."
Lal:"Oh B*gger"

Of course he is a little right, on occasion...especially tonight.. but its not appropriate! Just not.

Any other weetabix uses.. let me know!

K x x

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