Sunday, 24 February 2008

Disaster has struck the washing pile

've been bad. Very bad at keeping up to date. I apologise.. It was G's birthday though, and then Friday. Not that anything happened on Friday. It just was. It's an excuse. really.

Right, updates! G turned 12. She enjoyed the birthday meal. She especially liked hearing all the embarrassing mummy stories my brothers saw fit to tell. I'd forgotten about the time they put me in a suitcase and pushed me down the stairs. I suppose the head injury is responsible for the memory loss on that one. As my dad says, it explains a lot.
I was looking at her, when we were it the restaurant, and I can't believe how grown up she is. 12 years old. I think I was still playing with My Little Pony at that age. She wanted hair curlers. Still don't care what she says, the chastity belt is going on next year and coming off when she's 32. I have informed her that she is not allowed to procreate until she is double the age I was when she was born. So that's 36. K is extremely happy with that plan. I wonder why?

Friday? Umm.. what happened? The day itself was uneventful. Lal and I played, sang, danced, fought over the TV Controls, the usual stuff. For the first time in ages I decided to have a bath ( no I am not ending the sentence there... ) whilst Lal was awake. I didn't particularly want him in with me, so I took so toys upstairs, and let him play on the floor. I had just gone under the water to wet my hair, when I was smashed, directly on the forehead, with a huge tub of body scrub (Christmas present.. never used.. looks good on the side of the bath!) Looked up to see monstrous baby laughing. Glad someone found it amusing.

Still no walking progress. Although he now climbs up on our bed, stands up and jumps off. So far, thank God, only when someone is waiting to catch him... Why do men think its funny to teach them these things?

And then.. Friday night... disaster struck. In my house, Friday night, as soon as they are both home from work/school, the bulk of my washing gets done. Usually 5 loads. I have a strict washing machine.. to tumble dryer.. to fold.. away and ironing pile routine.. But the tumble dryer broke. Turned it on and all the electrics went. Dammit. Sadly, I'm not that intelligent and failed to realise for 40 mins that the lack of power was down to the dryer tripping everything, and not that we were in the midst of a power cut. When I finally admitted to K what I had been doing when the power went off.. he realised the problem. Put the electric back on and we were sorted. Except I had to try the dryer 6 more times. Just in case.. We still have flashing clocks..
Managed to get an engineer out, at great cost, for Tuesday. I want my dryer back. I hate having radiators drying clothes and not heating the house!

And finally, today. K went off to watch someone play something this morning, got back around 5. G went to a friends birthday party in Southend, a Magic Kingdom apparently. She left at 12 and got home at 9.15. Alright for some. That left Lal and I to entertain ourselves. The big change being.. well nothing actually.

I decided to try the walking to town again. Not so cold today, a nice walk there actually. Lal saw some "Ogs" that said "oofoof" so his speech is coming along nicely. We took the Ipod back to Curry's, should be back and fixed in two weeks. Bad Katie didn't tell them about the trip out of the window, I thought it though, so if the salesman was psychic, he knows.
Got some nice food from M&S for tea, and then started the walk home. The pushchair was so heavy I was counting each step.. 8000 more to go.. nearly there. All I was picturing in my mind was the huge hill we came down on the way to town... By the time we got up it, I was virtually horizontal and hanging onto the pushchair for dear life. I knew I should have caught the bus.

And tonight? Well.. as Lal went to sleep at 6, and G wasn't home, K and I had some quality time, which I rounded off with msn chats and watching some (il)legally downloaded American shows. Ghost Whisperer if you're interested. Another sign of lack of intelligence.. never occurred to me that a show about a woman who can see ghosts would be sad. Have spent the last hour in tears! Am going to watch one more.. glutton and punishment I think are the words.

Anyway.. Mass at 9 tomorrow, so wish me luck!


K x x

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