Saturday, 16 February 2008

Otherwise known as the North Pole

Another night where Lal slept through! We were woken by him at 7.30, having escaped the cot, attempting to scale his doorgate. Honestly.. he won't walk, but he'll happily climb over everything.

Had most of the freecycle stuff from yesterday collected first thing.. I was still in dressing gown, but it was absolutely freezing, and only 11am.. who gets dressed before that?

I then decided, in my wisdom, that as the sun was shining so brightly, we would walk the 30 minutes to town, do some shopping, and walk home. Fresh air and exercise. I could always stop for a cigarette half way through. lol. So off we went, K in a thick jacket, G in a jumper and thin coat, Lal in a snowsuit, and me in a denim jacket and long T shirt. The sun was out, very bright day, I knew that after walking for 5 minutes I'd be boiling, so just a jacket would do. Would it heck. Within 6 minutes the easterly wind have permeated my meagre coverings and I was a shivering wreck, eyes streaming, nose running (attractive no?) I daren't stop walking for a second for fear my blood would freeze and I'd be stuck there forever. My mum rang too.. so I couldn't even hold my hand inside the T shirt.. one purple frozen hand. Of course, mum complained that the biting wind was blowing into the phone and so she couldn't hear me... sorry about that!

We finally got to town, my darling husband, not being chivalrous enough to give me his coat, despite giving 3 minute temperature updates.. 1 degree at one stage, was lovely and warm so was left with the children whilst I ran into a shop to defrost. And accidentally bought them both some books whilst in there.

Went to Boots, armed with a prescription for Hydrocortisone, my excema is up at the moment, to discover that the prescription was actually written on 21.02.07.. so only 6 months out of date. Wonderful. Whilst in Boots, I did manage to buy some cute shoes and a new set of sleepsuits for Lal.

Went into H&M, intending to buy me some new trousers, I have finally put on a little weight, and things are a little tight, and got G some tops and a new dress. Lal got a lovely outfit for Mass tomorrow.

And then to Debenhams, where we thought we'd treat ourselves to an afternoon snack. One coffee, two hot chocolates, one scone with cream, one choc chip muffin, one slice of apple pie and one brown roll (poor Lal gets the best stuff).. oh and G scammed K into getting her an evil Fruit Shoot.. How much?? £20.75! The Queen was obviously expected, either that or Nuclear War had happened outside and Debenhams were profiteering. £20 for that! MacDonalds next time I think.

We honestly tried to walk home, we got as far as the taxi rank. I didn't get any new clothes. I forgot to get G's birthday cards.. forgot to stop at Tesco and get stuff for tea.. didn't get my prescription. I did get frostbite though.

K x x

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