Friday, 8 February 2008

It's here..

I couldn't get to sleep last night, even though I was absolutely exhausted. I can just remember feeling a strange sensation.. foreboding. When I finally did drop off, I slept well, but I woke with the same feeling.

It was a lovely sunny day here, no clouds in the sky, nice and warm, and yet I still felt cold. I kept shivering and getting goosebumps.

Lal and I did some gardening, I'm pleased to report that G's old wooden push along trolley is helping Lal to walk, either that or the patio just didn't feel nice to crawl on... But he had a lovely time, and the fresh air did tire him out. Oh yes, I even found G's old Teletubby tent, inside which was my mobile that I lost last year... excellent.

I enjoyed the gardening, sorted a few bits out, cleared some weeds so the bulbs could actually grow... but whilst I was out there, I didn't notice any birds singing, or any noise at all except the passing of cars. It was as if the birds had been frightened into their nests, as if something was coming, an ominous event that terrified them. Even Poppy (the cat) has been skittish and strange all day. And the fish has been lying in the same corner of the tank, unmoving. ( I did hit it with its net just in case it had died, nope.. still with us..)

It was just an odd, odd day. And the feeling never left me, it was like I had tummy butterflies all the time, but with no real reason for it.

And then, at 4.16pm, I realised why.

It's half term. No school until a week on Tuesday. That's too many days for me even to count. The foreboding has now gone, and I am left with sheer dread.

K x x

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