Tuesday, 19 February 2008

I'll do it... don't test me

Ok.. time to be serious. I have discovered a regret. It's a bad one. I only discovered it today, but am now at a loss as to what to do.

On Sunday, at 7.45, when we were all getting up for Mass, G decided that she was too tired to get out of bed. I asked her nicely. She refused. I asked not so nicely, she refused. I dripped water on her, and she still refused and at that the cock crowed. (Sorry for the religious reference! lol) She absolutely would not get out of bed. She absolutely wasn't going to church. Not for any reason other than that she was tired. I was tired, but I got up... lol. So, I'm ashamed to say that I threatened. K wasn't there to hear me, so I used all my motherly wiles that I'm not allowed to find when he is about.. and grabbed the Ipod. I opened the window... "G, if you don't get out of bed right now.. the Ipod is going out the window... 3....2....1..." She didn't get up. I dropped it. No excuses. I was angry.. annoyed..tired..getting later and later for Church. So I threw the damn thing out. GRRR.

My regret is, that since then, she has been an angel.. I rescued the Ipod when we got back from Church.. but I think its broken... it won't turn on anyway. I've just put it on the radiator, in case it got cold when it was outside and needs a little warming up. Has anyone heard of an Ipod surviving a fall from a 1st storey window? No? Dammit. Very bad mummy moment. And one that's going to cost me a fortune. Why don't I think things through? I'm just grateful I couldn't unplug her pc..

So that was Sunday.. today.. I have been miserable moo. No idea why. I just like being miserable I think. I stayed in my pj's all day long. Lal and I had fun playing musical instruments.. we sang to cd's. Ok I sang to cd's.. he kept trying to eat the cd player. We had much cat flap fun.. He's grown a little and gets ever so slightly stuck now when he tries to get out. Either that or he just had a fat nappy on.. Oh yes.. I put a load of washing on (bear with me.. it gets slightly more interesting..) but couldn't as the machine had been filled with stacky cups, spoons, saucepans and oranges. An eclectic mix.

Umm.. anything else? Lal learnt now to say "ton erf?" which roughly translates to "What on earth?" I didn't realise I said it so much, but watching him entering a room, looking about and saying it, with a perplexed look on his face, makes me think I use it 17000 times a day.

And finally.. remember me saying he could walk? Well he lied to me. He has walked a grand total of about 20 steps since he started, and unless its at the tv, now even refuses to stand. He's turning lazy like his father.. NOT me.. it was only a pj day today... ok, maybe a little like me..

K x

(Today's pic.. Lal's new chair.. *sigh*)

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