Thursday, 28 February 2008

Anyone for yogurt?

Gah! Another one of those days, I feel like I have been a mother forever, if its not one of them trying to kill me, its the other.

The littlest monster has been in fine form today. I left him downstairs whilst I took the ironing and clean washing up. He got hungry. Understandable really, it was a whole 30 minutes since he'd last eaten...


Notice the bottle of wine for after Greek Yogurt thirst. Wonderful. Apart from the fridge incident, he has been fairly good today. Oh, maybe one thing, he has noticed that there is a magic tray on my computer. If you press a button on the box.. a fancy thing slides out.. and in.. and out.. and in. I'm guessing that I'm not going to be able to listen to any Cd's via pc for a while. He also has more words. "No" is leading the way, followed closely by "Muuuummmm?" and "Whassat?" Specially learnt today is "tea" which doesn't actually mean tea, it means that he's managed to climb the chairs to get onto the kitchen table and has poured my cup of tea over himself. Marvellous.
Good job the hot cups go on the sideboard. I find hot cups of tea on the table always lend to spillages. I don't know why. It's something in me. Cup of tea on the table, means cup of tea on the floor. Well it does now Lal is about anyway. Still no walking progress, although Grampy says that four steps were taken during a swings and slide visit today. Thank Goodness for grandparents. I needed the alone time to clear up the yogurt.

The biggest monster, now known as delinquent teen is, well, delinquent. It seems that she has inherited something from me, something not so good. Something so bad in fact it needed a phone call from the school to inform me. She has inherited my Art of Chat. Those of you who know me, know that I can babble about inconsequentials for hours. And she is now doing this during lessons. Dammit. For some reason, the teachers think she is a bright, able, polite and lovely child.. but the chat is letting her down. As is her inablity to keep a maths set, but I won't go into that again. So I have to stop the chatter. Her pc is banned for the duration, and reprogramming has begun. K is not amused, and mini lectures are currently ongoing. He's as far as future careers.. apparently she won't even be qualified to work at Tesco if she carries on the was she is going... he hasn't yet started on her friends. Once he plays the "friends are a hindrance to your education" card, I'll have to step in. Oh, she's as stubborn as he is.

And that's it for today. I think.. I get the feeling that there was something I was intending to say, but can't remember what it was. That's going to annoy me now. Nope.. I have brain death again. It's gone. back.. i think.. and its not even interesting. I have random pain in my left ankle. haven't hurt it, or twisted it, or sat on it funny. I just have it. Pfff.

K x x

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Jo said...

LMAO! I love it! The Art of Chat...yep, all the bright, intelligent females suffer from it. Shall I tell you why? Because we teachers can't find anything wrong with their work so have to complain about something. Just tell G that you don't care about her chatting but she can only do it if she's finished all the work she's been set. Oh, and finished it to a level better than her friends. Yes, there is nothing worse for a teacher than to have the smug Year 7 being told off for chatting turn round and say 'But, Miss, I've finished all the work!'. Then you check it and not only has smug year 7 finished it, they've used full sentences and included the diagram it asked for in the extension area...ROFL!

As for the yoghurt incident; have you considered a fridge lock?