Sunday, 3 February 2008

10 vitally important things about me

Ok.. I have been thinking about this one for over a week, and I am almost sure I have at least some things. Not sure whether they are vitally important.. I suppose the only really vital things are that I need air, water and food, but they aren't limited to me. Heat would be nice too.

1) I have 3.5 sugars in tea. 4 if its a big cup. I can immediately tell if K has cheated and only added 3. Related to this one.. I cannot make tea for anyone else.. apparently I make them boiled water with milk... this skill has been honed over the years so I now never have to make the tea!

2) I don't really like chocolate. I will have the occasional bar, but only if it can be immediately followed with plain crisps. There is something about the chocolatey taste in my teeth. urgh *shudder*

3) I am a neat freak. It takes over my life. I cannot leave the house if there is stuff all over. Seriously, the piles would grow whilst I'm out and I cannot enjoy myself. Everything has to be put away before bed, everything. I hoover upstairs and down every morning, bleach the sink last thing at night, clean toilets 3 or 4 times a day. Its an obsession. I have a rule that the children can make as much messy mess as they like, but it HAS to go away, in correctly labelled boxes, at night. Obviously I am responsible for Lal's mess at the moment, but he has learnt to stuff things in the clock, which is almost away.

4) I love having babies. I wish I hadn't waited so long in between the two. I know life made me, but still. If I ever get over the sheer terror and panic attacks at the idea of getting pregnant again, I would love to have three or four more.

5) I talk all day long. Constantly. Drives K crazy. I explain to Lal what we are doing, where we are going, have random conversations with people in shops, usually not to them, just in their direction. I have held long and in depth conversations with myself about the state of the lettuces in Tesco, fortunately people now assume I'm talking to Lal, but I'm not really. I make up songs about everything, which would be marvellous if I could sing. But I just can't!

6) I may sound like a Mills and Boon heroine.. but I adore my husband! I can't imagine my life if he had not been my brother's friend, and then mine! He has been away for most of our marriage, I have followed him aorund the country, I have worried for him, dreaded phone calls and knocks on the door. BBC news24 was always on in my house when he was in Iraq, but I wouldn't change a thing. He was my first proper boyfriend, there was a boy in Primary who made me a bracelet out of coloured paper clips, but we don't speak of him.. He puts up with many eccentricities without (much) complaining.. and is a good father.. can't praise him too much, he needs something to aspire to. If he could learn the knife drawer rules, he'd be practically perfect!

7) I worry. A lot. About everything. The children. Lal now sleeps through being poked to check he is still breathing. As does G.. yes she is nearly 12 but still gets poked. I panic until she gets home from school. I am far too overprotective, some would say suffocating, but she is still my baby girl and I can't let her go off, well anywhere! Even to town with her friends. I'm a worry wort. Lal has been going through a period of not eating food with lumps in. He'll eat finger food fine, but things of a jar consistency make him gag. Somewhere in the back of my mind I am convinced that he has a lump that is preventing him from swallowing correctly. I have so far contained my need to get him to the docs for MRI's and CT scans.. somehow!

(This is far more difficult than I thought)

8) Oh yes.. the bad one. I am a recovering smoker currently going through an active phase.
One day I will stop again. One day soon. I tried announcing that I was giving up again on my bb, but I then failed to answer any questions as to how I was going. They got the message eventually. I think I need to be pg again.. sure fire way to quit cold turkey.

9) I cannot eat food that touches. This makes life difficult when you are eating stew, pasta, soup etc. I have to seperate it. I very rarely get hot meals. The only exception to this is that I will eat cheese and cucumber together in a sandwich. That is the only exception

10) Umm.. 10.... umm I am not allowed to keep pet hamsters after accidentally killing one when I was 6. It was a hibernation accident and involved wrapping in towels and placing under linen in airing cupboard. My mum said I was never allowed another, I tend to agree.

K x x

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