Sunday, 24 February 2008

Symptoms and Deadly Diseases

If you read my journals, you know that I'm a worrier. If you are a member of my birth board, you know that I am a worrier. I have outclassed myself today.

I have been worrying for months about an area on the top of my finger on my left hand. Right next to the nail. On and off, it will go a really horrible yellowy brown colour. No injury, no pain, just the horrible colour. When the panic really sets in, I have been googling. Nothing ever comes up.
Well.. Delayed-Onset Ipsilateral Sensory Symptoms in Patients with Central Poststroke Pain but I don't think I have that. Or Peripheral Vascular Disease,
but you never know.

So today, I noticed the brown was back again. Mentioned it to K, who couldn't think of anything and refused to indulge my paranoid ramblings.
Until 15 minutes ago, when I made myself a cup of tea.

Apparently, when I take the tea bag out, I squeeze with bag with a spoon, hold it against the side of the cup, and then pick it out with my fingers.

My brown coloured finger symptom is nothing more than tea stains. But the very worst thing... K noticed it and told me. I will never be able to live this one down. It's like the time I believed him when he told me that they had taken the word gullible out of the dictionary.

I am ashamed. And off to scrub my tea stained finger. And I'm never allowed to google another symptom ever again.

K x

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