Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Fix the sky!

Tuesday, today is Tuesday, I'm sure it is, but when I don't have the structure of getting up for school, I lose days completely. Is it sad that I know it's Tuesday because CSI is on? Of course tonight's episode probably won't be recording because Sky seems to have a fault. After 45 minutes on the phone, turning the box off at the wall, yes I did count to 30 before I turned it on,* taking the card in and out, being put on hold, they finally informed me that it was a local issue and engineers are laughing, sorry working on the problem. If I miss the Gorgeous Gil, well.. I may write a strongly worded letter. Ok, I won't actually write one, but I will in my mind. Always sounds better in there than on paper.
Ooh.. I ranted there, sorry!

Walking with Lal started off well... but then we kept making him do it, so now every time his feet touch the floor he arches himself backwards in protest. Ah... may give it a rest tomorrow and allow him to crawl again.

Oh yes.. urgh.. shudder and yuck... Lal dropped a dummy behind the row of drawers in our bedroom.. the dust.. the dust actually had dust and had made swirly patterns. URGH! Children were despatched to the park with K and I moved all the furniture and cleaned.. URGH. Three hours it took.. but I may be able to sleep in our room tonight.

And lastly for tonight, and I am blaming Mallan entirely for making me read her blog on nappy rashes.. Lal's has been getting progressively worse today, he now has a big red sore patch. No creams were working, nothing, so I had to do it. He is now in his first disposable nappy in a year. And he has no bum. The vests that were too tight this morning are now miles too big.. clothes actually fit him..but he feels so strange to hold. I am used to big, squishy fat bum baby. I now have a skinny nothingness. Not good. As soon as its cleared up he's back in his proper ones. I want a big bummed baby!

That leads me quickly to another point.. hopefully not just me... does anyone else not read threads on bc entitled "Chicken Pox..." "Terrible sickness..." "Baby who won't sleep.." " Baby who won't eat..." "Terrible tantrums?" I used to read them, but within two or three days, Lal would be suffering from whatever ailment was contained within the thread... It''s safer not to look!

K x x

*Ok, I really counted to 28, but those last two seconds won't have hurt...

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