Monday, 11 February 2008

Maybe holidays aren't so bad..

The first day, and all went rather well! G was actually extremely well behaved, she probably wants something later in the week and is storing up goodness, but I don't mind. I can always say no. I'm good at that.

Had a mini mental moment, as I went into the kitchen to remove the washing from the machine, opened it and there was nothing in there. So I shut the door, and then opened it again to check that I had really just seen an empty drum. Nothing. Maybe I hadn't put the washing on? Just thought I had. Meh.

And then I saw a sock. A single, solitary sock. On the floor, in front of the cat flap. Lal strikes again. All my lovely clean washing had been posted outside. Wonderful. Good job K had swept out there, but still.. winter does not mean that outside floor is nice and clean. Grrr! Put washing on again and made sure I was around when it finished this time.

And then tonight. Oh happy tonight!
Justa bout to have our tea, and I went into the playroom, where G and Lal were playing. She stood Lal in front of me, and backed away.. and he took 6, yes 6, steps towards her. On his own! And then after his bath, he repeated it 6 times, backwards and forwards between me and her! K is now taking tomorrow off work, so he can see. LOL

So, let the record reflect that on this, the 11th day of February in the year of Our Lord, 2008, Alexander James S, became an official "nearly" walker. Oh yes he did.

The one problem I can foresee, G and I made such a fuss of him when he did do it, hugs, shouts etc, we made him cry, so he may never attempt it again.

Ah well.

K x x

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