Sunday, 17 February 2008

In laws.. the visit

did drunken msn chat last night. I'm ashamed of myself. It was just wrong. I lost all ability to type, I have no idea what I said, or why it was necessary to stay up till 2am. I *think* I had fun though. Not sure my msn buddies did!

Went to Mass this morning.. Lal was an angel. Seriously. There weren't that many people there, only around 150, so he had lots of room to quietly roam. And apart from a tendancy to dance to the choir and shout what sounded suspiciously like "All done!" everytime they finished singing, was almost unnoticeable. I was proud. And hungover.. maybe he picked up on that and felt sympathy.

K was off on a stag night last night, and most of today. I was angelic in deciding that I would go to the in laws with the children.. by myself. I'm keeping track of the points I'm earning... will definitely go straight to heaven at this rate.

So In laws.. we got there. They cooed over both the children, and then did the thing. The thing where they think its cute watching Lal eat biscuits. Mini Cheddars. Chocolate Mousse. Crisps. Actually, all the stuff I deprive him of at home. The child crawled so fast, with his head down, he kept smacking into walls. Sugar rush. I've never seen the like before. I am also abusing and damaging the child but not trimming his curls. Granted, he'd had a hat on, so they were more sticky out than usual, and he did look a little Krusty the Clown like, but still. It's hardly child abuse.

So I bit my tongue. A lot. Tasted blood at one point. Got a mini revenge by allowing Lal to empty all their cupboards out. Except they found it cute. Dammit. Never going there on my own again.

Came home, did the night time routine.. that doesn't change at all.. every night doing the exact same thing. Except tonight had Lal the Sugar Freak, he finally succumbed to tiredness at 7.50, and touch wood is still asleep now. I then watched Over The Hedge with G... very funny. Really very funny. I love children's films. All of them. Except the evil Snickety man.

Ooh.. must go and feed the hedgehogs..

K x x

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